Synopsis & Plot Summary of Youth (2015):

Youth is the upcoming Italian drama movie where the story of two old friends is told amid an adorable style. The movie is about friendship, about life and living. When people turn old, they need to retire to pass their remaining life happily with the company of their family and near and dear ones. But sometimes everything does not go well for them as they plan before and need to have changed the course of their living. The movie is about the stories of two Fred and Mick. Both of are childhood friends. They have a strong bonding between them. One of them is a music composer while the other one is film director by profession. Fred, the music composer has taken the retirement and wishes not to work anymore while his friend Mick is still working on his last piece. Mick is on the view to complete his last movie and completing the plot of the movie at a hotel with his friend Fred just at the lower level of the Alps. But their thinking did not go right as the music composer, Fred, had to start his music composition again.

Hollywood Film – Youth (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Getting involved into jobs or services is the best legal way to live on the earth and meet your needs. But when someone grows old, they need to take rest as they have passed their golden days to earn the living for them and their families too. So, planning for or taking the retirement is a wise decision when you are old enough and have earned much to support you in the remaining days of your life. But everything is uncertain. The plans someone makes for future may not go as it is anticipated. As a result, to survive or sustain you need to have necessary amendments on the course of your action.

At times people accept retirement as a blessing as they would have their own time to spend and they will not need to go for maintain the weeklong office routine. So, they plan to pass their remaining days of life in different manner. But sometimes they need to return on their former profession or career track for some specific reasons. The movie – Youth is about some events where two old men are passing their last days of life while one of them is still engaged in his profession.

The movie is about the lives of Fred and Mick. Fred is a musician and has retired from his career, while Mick is a movie director and has been engaged into composing the script for his last movie. The similarity between them is that both of them are old friends and want to spend their retirement days together. Thus, they are passing a vacation in a lodge adjacent to the Swiss Alps Mountains. Mick is still trying hard to make a masterpiece with his script while the other one is reluctant to resume his musical career at any cost.

But due to some surrounding events and pressure from his near and dear ones, Fred had to resume his career once again to observe a royal birthday. When he turned back to music, he starts making better performance than he had done earlier.

The movie stars Michael Caine on the role of Fred Ballinger, with Harvey Keitel as Mick Boyle, Rachel Weisz as Lena Ballinger, Paul Dano as Jimmy Tree, Jane Fonda as Brenda Morel and Mark Kozelek as himself among others.

The movie has been screened at Cannes Film Festival, 2015 and the filming was done by May of 2014 in Switzerland.

Youth (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: May 21, 2015 (Italy)
Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Running time: 1h 58m
Music composed by: David Lang
Screenplay: Paolo Sorrentino


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