Synopsis & Plot Summary of Wild Card (2014):

Wild Card is the film about a personal gambling problem that turned into a violent event creating a stir in the Las Vegas underworld. A security provider – Nick Wild is involved into a personal clash between his friend and the son of underworld boss. Consequently, Nick is to run for life or to save himself. Alcoholic Nick Wild is experienced in lethal skills and he sells his skills for security and at times perform odd jobs to maintain is addiction.

For the dispute created by the gambling, Nick Wild (starred by Jason Statham) is under severe threat and enforcers and underworld gangsters are after him. Even, he is wanted by the underworld boss for his crime (!) with his son. He plays hide and seek with his chasers and at times strikes back with his all skills.

Nick Wild now has a single chance to alter the situation through another gamble. If he wins, he gets everything back, his job, his liberty, and if he loses?

Hollywood Film – Wild Card (2014) Movie Review & Storyline:

Based on the novel ‘Heat’ by William Goldman, the celebrated writer in 1985, Wild Card is an upcoming film. Another adaptation of the novel was also made in 1986 with the same title- ‘Heat’. Wild Card is set to be screened in the USA screens in January 30, 2015. The film runs about one and a half hour (90 minutes) and produced by Steve Chasman and Jason Statham.

Wild Card is a crime drama rather than actions although actions are not in less in the movie. Jason Statham prefers actions rather than dialogues in most of his films, and even there are films that he has only four or five lines of dialogues. In ‘The Mechanic’, Jason Statham had only five lines of dialogues in the entire movie, but in the Wild Card, he is in the lead position and had to deliver lots of dialogues in line with his martial art exhibition.

To deliver the dialogues perfectly, Jason Statham memorized the words by heart to avoid any sort of weird situations. This is one of the dramatic movies by Statham rather than preferring his actions and personalities.

The screenplay is another one to be praised of. Composed by the famous screenplay writer William Goldman, the Wild Card is filled with thrill and dramatic moments in every seconds of its 90-minute long screening.

The suspense of the film is that Nick Wild is to run for his life as he was supportive to his friend and saved him from the beating of group of thugs. Still is unknown that he survived or not (in the film), but such occurrences are common in our real life that people fell in danger with the charges of saving or protecting others including helpless.

Nick Wild (Jason Statham) is an alcoholic and performs odd jobs to bear that cost, but owns the strong sense of judgment inside him. Thus, he moves ahead to protect the helpless friend endangering his own life and living (he had to lose his underworld jobs after the beating of the underworld boss’s son).

Film making testifies the use of global tools and instruments. Different locations of the USA have been used in the films and around US $ 30,000,000 have been spent so far for the film making.

Wild Card will be a test for Jason Statham in 2015 to prove himself as a dramatic artist rather than his ordinary roles of the Hollywood action boy.

Wild Card, 2014 Movie Details:

Initial release: November 13, 2014
Director: Simon West
Running time: 92 minutes
Music composed by: Dario Marianelli
Cast: Jason Statham, Sofía Vergara
Producers: Jason Statham, Steve Chasman


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