Synopsis & Plot Summary of Veerappan (2016 film):

Biographical movies are one of the most popular genres in the movie industry of India. The movie makers have experimented many times over the genre and the movie makers have gained tremendous success. Consequently, the movie – Veerappan is the upcoming biographical release in Bollywood. The movie is an exceptional one as it deals with the entire life of the Indian bandit. He was a bandit in Tamil Nadu and passed his life with different illegal activities. The movie makers are expecting that the movie will be able to rock the nation with its outstanding plot and film making techniques. Many of the audiences may think this a remake of an earlier movie by the same the movie. The Indian government declared him wanted for killing many police officials and common citizens. Besides, he was also wanted for poaching elephants and other wild animals in the forest areas of Tamil Nadu. He has led a life that none other had lived before and has made a history in India for his outstanding performance as a bandit. But he was killed in a tricky manner and before he got killed, the Indian government made a good number plots against him to catch him but each of the times they failed to bring him out of his hideout.

Bollywood Hindi Movie Veerappan (2016 film) Review & Storyline:

Bollywood movies are considered as the best movies of the world as the movies are made with great care. Most of the Bollywood movie makers make their movies with complete emotions and they do not care about the movie budget or about the extra labor they need to provide. They want to make the movies successful and get some rewards for their sincere efforts. Most of the cases, the movie makers get the right reward for them as the movies are welcomed by the mass audiences except the target groups. But in some other cases, the movies fail to be a successful one as there remains some troubles with the movies. The movie plots of Bollywood movies are exceptional and the movie makers always try to portray the exceptions on the screen as they feel in their life.

Veerappan (2016 film)

There are several movie genres found in Bollywood and among them the most popular are – action, drama, comedy, romantic drama, social action etc. But in the current days, a new genre is emerging in the entertainment industry of India and that is known as biographical movies. Commonly this genre is known as biopic. The movie deals with the life of some celebrities or people who are familiar for their outstanding activities, definitely in positive manner. It refers that the movies would be made with the real life events of some people who own a positive impact on the society. But making a movie with the real life of a bandit is really a daunting task. But the movie maker of Bollywood has taken a risk as the bandit is none other than Veerappan.

Veerappan was one of the most impressive bandits of Tamil Nadu and it is said that none like him ever existed in the country. In fact he was brave man and did many illegal activities like a man. The movie is based on the life events of Veerappan and Operation Cocoon which was set to capture or kill him. His full name is Koose Muniswamy Veerappan and from his early childhood, he got involved into illegal activities with one of his relatives. His village was inside the forest area of Tamil Nadu and consequently it was easier for him to get involved into the poaching activities and smuggling of sandalwoods. When he grew up, he started defying the government rules and had built his own army. He is charged for killing around 184 people and of them, half the number was police officers of different level. The Indian government declared him as wanted for the killings, poaching of around 200 elephants and smuggling sandalwoods worth billions.

The government took several attempts to catch him and bring him under the law but each of the times he smelled the traps and avoided those. But he was unable to get information about the last trap and got killed on the gunfight. Before the gunfight began, he did not surrender himself to the law enforcers and accordingly he hugged death like a brave man. The movie is not intended to glorify the death of Veerappan rather it is made to let the audiences know about his life and living. He was a kind of mystery to everyone and had limited movements. As a result, he turned into a legend for the people in his country.

The movie is written by Ram Gopal Varma though he earlier had made another movie on Veerappan. The movie will be released on May 27 in 2016 and expected to be a rocking one.

Veerappan (2016 film) Movie Details:

Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by: Raina Sachin Joshi
Written by: R. D. Telang
Screenplay by: Ram Gopal Varma
Story by: Ram Gopal Varma, Based on Veerappan, Operation Cocoon, N. K. Senthamarai Kannan
Starring: Sandeep Bharadwaj, Sachiin J Joshi, Usha Jadhav, Lisa Ray
Music by: Jeet Ganguly, John Stewart Eduri (Background score)
Cinematography:Aniket Khandagale
Edited by: Anwar Ali
Production company: Viking Media & Entertainment
Distributed by: A. A. Films
Release dates: 27 May 2016 (worldwide)
Country: India
Language: Hindi


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