Valentine’s Day is a special one for those having the other half. The day is a highly desired one for the couples and they wait for the V-Day to appear. They plan different things to do on the day, map roads and routes to travel a distant place and more. But it is more important to get well dressed before you leave your house to meet your Valentine. You may get different and attractive looks through the attires you are putting on. So, it is wise to not plan for the day but for your clothing too.

Here are 10 top ideas for your Valentine’s Day outfits.

Jeans and Casual Shirts:
If you wear jeans and casual shirts on the Valentine’s Day, it will make you look exceptional, and gorgeous. It is better to put on dark jeans with a light colored shirt. Since the weather is a bit unstable during this time of the year, better to wear light shirts. But be careful about your shirt buttons as at times people unbutton their shirts to make themselves looks more attractive although in reality they look foolish.

Jeans and Polo Shirts:
The combo of jeans and polo shirts is a wonderful idea to put on the Valentine’s Day. Regarding the color combination, make sure one of your attire is lighter and the other one is deep or dark. If you wear both the jeans and polo shirt of dark or light color that will not look so good rather will make a disastrous impact on your personality.

Jeans and T-Shirts:
T-shirts are the other classic companions for jeans. Jeans and T-shirts are used globally and have turned in the symbol of youth regardless the borders. For very comfortable attire, you can select jeans and T-shirts after your choice on the Valentine’s Day. You can also use a hat or a sunglass as accessories.

Formal shirt with pant:
If you want to change your usual outlook on the Valentine’s Day, you can put one formal shirt and pant after your preference. If you wear shirt and tuck that in, do not fold your hands’ sleeves rather button the sleeves as long as you are outing with your partner. Check if your shirt and pant is well washed and steamed. If you find something irrelevant with your clothes, try to solve the issue before you start the journey.

Formal Suits:
For observing the Valentine’s Day, you can also use a suit. But be careful about the suit as if that fits you or you have a similar type of other accessories. If you wear formal suits on the day, do not miss the tie on your collar. Add a tie clip to hold the tie tight with your shirt. Try to match your shoes with the suit. It is better to avoid high heels with suit rather a flat hill party shoe will do fine.

Semi formal suits:
If you want to have another different look on the Valentine’s Day, you can put on a semi-formal suit. In this case, you are to wear a suit that has been frequently used and do not use the formal pant with. The look will be more attractive if the suit is a faded one and you can manage a faded jeans pant. You can put a polo shirt, the fade jeans and finally the suit. Certainly you will look gorgeous.

If you want to date in the evening of Valentine’s Day, you can select tuxedo for the time. It is a semi-formal wear and evening dress that will bring an excellent look to you. If you are on tuxedo, do not forget to backrush your hairs.

Casual jackets:
Whatever casual attires you wear on the Valentine’s Day, you can put on a casual jacket to add some extra attention from your other half. But to get the look, you are to unbutton the jacket always or keep it unchained.

Casual Shirt with formal pant:
Causal shirts and formal pants are also a great combination for outing and regarding the observance of the Valentine’s Day, it is a perfect one for the males with short or middle hairs. But the look will be more magnificent if you fold the sleeves of the shirt to your elbow and wear a bracelet on hand.

Cardigan and jeans:
Since the environment is a bit destable (at times it is hot and suddenly it is hot), you can wear a cardigan and a dark jeans pant together. The combination is a superb one for passing the entire day. Cardigans will allow passing air through the body and also will protect you from the outside cold.

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