Synopsis & Plot Summary of Transformers 5 (2016):

Transformers is a Hollywood action science fiction series based on the stories of a boy and his car that he gets to impress her female friend and eventually the cars proved to be alien robots from a different world. This is the fifth installment of the series and was first released in 2007 with the title Transformers. The movie is about the autobots who landed on the earth millions of year ago for the destruction of their own planet in the outer space. He evil minds among the transforming warriors wanted to formulate the humans into the army of robots and the protagonists defended them. The official plot of the fifth episode centers round the ventures of Optimus Prime into space to settle disputes with the Creators. By the time, another character Rodimus Prime will be responsible for the safety of the humans living on earth from Galvatron and his Decepticons army. It is also reported that more Transformers will be added on the fleet.

Hollywood Film – Transformers 5 (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Science fictions are gaining in the Hollywood for their outstanding making and story line. For the grand commercial success and skyrocketing popularity, sequels are also made for further involvement of the viewers with the movie series. Sometimes the sequels are the one to meet the thirst of the specific series. The Transformers is similar to those series and already four of its episodes have been released worldwide and the number fifth is underway.

The Transformers is an American action science fiction series that began in 2007 with the release of the Transformers that gained tremendous success in the box offices. The current one is also supposed to get a better appreciation like its ancestors. In the Transformers 5, it will be seen that autobot Optimus Prime will try to fix the disputes with Creators and Rodimus Prime will be assigned with the duty to protect the earth-living humans from the Decepticons army and Galvatron. Some Transformers will be seen joining in the fleet on saving the earth from the evils while the Decepticons also will have some external forces with them to defeat the Transformers. It is also reported that the Quintessons will also come down on earth to participate on the battle.

The last part of the series Transformers 4 ends with the flight of Optimus Prime into the space to meet the Creators along with the destroyer seed, and viewers’ confusions will be answered through the fifth episode. But there are chances that the autobot leader may not return on earth and Ultra Magnus is the one to take charge and turn the main antagonist. Since nothing is clear about the plot, it is also under suspicion whether the Victor Prime and Rodimus Prime will be the good transformers or take the side with the Red Alert and Scourge who are set to fight with Cyclonus.

Regarding cast for the fifth franchise, there are speculations that Michael Whalberg, the lead actor of the last part – Transformer 4 may not reprise in the sequel.

The concept arts in the upcoming installment have been changed including the character designs and faction logos and with the addition of animated features. Although Michael Bay was present as the director in the last four films, he might leave the place in the fifth one and it is also rumored that the movie will arrive in 2017 but no specific date has been chosen yet.

Transformers 5 (2016) Movie Details:

Director: Michael Bay
Produced by: Michael Bay, Tom DeSanto, Steven Spielberg
Edited by: Padraic McKinley
Writers: Ehren Kruger
Stars: Michael Bay
Movie Type: Action, adventure, Sci-fi
Music by: Steve Jablonsky
Country: USA
Release Date: 24 June 2016 (USA)
Runtime: N/A
Filming Locations: USA
Production Company: Hasbro Studios, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures
Language: English
Budget: TBA


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