Personality malfunction or the egoistic clash is one of the most important factors to live peacefully in a society. The society has some societal rules and regulations to be followed and most of the people are habituated with the norms. But troubles occur when someone is with the attitude to avoid the rules and regulations and try to uphold their heads above (definitely they deserve such living manner for their quality and skills). Many of the people cannot admit the issue easily and clash of ego starts marching for a battle. The Second Mother is the upcoming Brazilian drama movie with such plot where a mother is playing the motherly role in a family leaving her own daughter behind to her relations. When the daughter comes to meet and live with the mother, everything changes.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of The Second Mother (2015):

The cinematic world is ready to reveal another of its master pieces – The Second Mother. The movie is about the passion and love a mother provides to kids regardless of birth. The movie also exhibits the egoistic issues between a mother and her daughter. It also tells about the social norms how they change or react when they are challenged.

If you think of a family where a woman is playing the role of a housekeeper leaving her family behind, then definitely the attitude of the woman might raises few question. She is leading a life of her own – like a bit self-centered type. She has been serving the family for a longer period – for over 12 years in Sao Paulo. So, she is accustomed with the family culture and is considered as one of the family members too by the members of the family.

Val is taking care perfectly of the needs and requirements of the rich family and thus she is financially stable. She is honest and thus she is respected too by the family members for her sincerity, honesty and cordial behaviors. She cooks for the family, cleans clothes and even becomes the surrogate mother of the baby boy of the family in absence of their real parents. The boy has reached its teenage. So, everything is in order.

Some mental complexity and egoistic troubles occur when the real daughter of Val arrives at the house. In fact the daughter, Jessica, reached Sao Paulo to get admission on a higher level college in the city for a better education and she is well educated too. When she found her mother is such a state, she actually could not admit the fact. She had the belief that her mother might be doing something important or respectful job in Sao Paulo leaving her with her mother’s relatives.

With the appearance of Jessica a highly complex situation is created. She wants everything should be in order. Her mother and she should be given proper rights and thus a class barrier occurs in the family. As Jessica is educated, she refuses to follow the existing norms of the family and wants to shape it by her own way to show what family actually means. Her attitudes compelled everyone to reconsider the issue. She tried to make the other family members feel about the other meaning of family.

The Brazilian drama – The Second Mother is composed and directed by Anna Muylaert and it original title was ‘Que Horas Ela Volta?’ which in English means – What Time Does She Return?

The movie stars Regina Casé on the role of Val with Michel Joelsas as Fabinho, Camila Márdila on the role of Val’s daughter – Jéssica, Karine Teles as Barbara and Lourenço Mutarelli as Carlos among others.

The Second Mother (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: August 28, 2015 (USA)
Director: Anna Muylaert
Running time: 1h 54m
Screenplay: Anna Muylaert, Regina Casé
Producers: Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane, Débora Ivanov, Gabriel Lacerda


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