Synopsis & Plot Summary of Tab Hunter Confidential (2015):

A superstar has to undergo different ups and downs in his/ her life to shine and over all sustain on the position. If some of the weakness or special features are leaked, that brings a disaster in their lives. So, they are to remain highly cautious about their very personal life. Usually the media is after them to bring out the secrets of their lives, but the superstars and celebrities are also well aware about the issues and do not share excessive information about their own life of living. Tab Hunter Confidential is the upcoming biographical movie which is based on the real life stories of Tab Hunter, an American superstar. In his early days, he was considered as the best actor and his popularity went very high. But suddenly the popularity dropped massively as some information about his sex life was revealed. He was a gay, secretly, and the information dropped him on Hollywood. But he stood up again and fought back with the odds. The movie tells the incidents of his struggle.

Hollywood Film – Tab Hunter Confidential (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Generally the audiences have much interest to learn about the inner life of celebrities. So, they try to collect information over the issues from different sources. But the practice is not healthy and may cause damage to both the parties – people who are peeping on the issues and who are being peeped. So, the popular celebrities always create a wall between the audience and them. Most of the audience could not cross the wall and thus they are in dark about the life and living of the celebrities. But when the mass media is after them, they need to be more careful about their regular routines.

The most important issue is the secrecy. The celebrities are human like the audiences are but they do believe that the celebrities have a different world filled with fantasies like they watch on the movie. From this conception, they are after the celebrities to expose their secrets and thus get pleasure. But they do not comprehend that a personal and secret issue should be kept secret and handled accordingly. Exposing the issues may bring downfall for the celebrities. Their career may get ruined and more other serious consequences may take place on the lives of the celebrities as it happened with Tab Hunter.

Tab Hunter is a great American artist and has a skyrocketing fame. His career is almost on the peak. But a simple secret has brought him down from the skyrocketing position. It was leaked that Tab Hunter is a secret gay. Although he always kept himself surrounded by beautiful female artists, none could believe the issue in the beginning and when it was proved his popularity came down to zero. He got massive rejection from the audience for his exceptional sexual behaviors.

But Tab Hunter has stood again from the falling position. He underwent numerous struggles to get his former position back and after a certain time he succeeded in the battle. Only a simple curiosity about his sexual life created the disaster and he had to suffer a lot for the information leakage.

The movie will be released on October 16 in 2015.

Tab Hunter Confidential (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: October 16, 2015 (USA)
Director: Jeffrey Schwarz
Running time: 1h 30m
Music composed by: Michael Cudahy
Producers: Jeffrey Schwarz, Allan Glaser, Neil Koenigsberg


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