Synopsis & Plot Summary of Sultan (2016):

Biographical movies are emerging on Bollywood for several reasons. Firstly the audiences want to know about the personal and private life of the renowned people and it is a kind of obsession for most of the audiences. Sultan is an upcoming Bollywood biographical movie. The movie is based on the private life of a boxer, Sultan Ali Khan. India has different states and Haryana is one of the renowned places for wrestlers and boxers. Sultan Ali Khan is wrestler with extraordinary strengths and has gained reputation in his surrounding localities by defeating several other champions. In his early days, Sultan, the boxer received much positive criticisms for his extra ordinary performance while he also had some issues with his personal life. When his personal and professional life clashes together, his destruction appeared. The movie is based on some real events which will amaze the audiences. So, it is anticipated that the movie will be a super hit one of the year for its outstanding plot only.

Bollywood Sultan (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Biography is always interesting if that belongs to someone special. Usually people want to know about the biography of renowned people. A fascination works here to know about all the private and personal issues of the famous people. It is a kind of pleasant feelings when the audience could know about the good factors of a famous person and they also regret knowing the unwanted or pathetic events of their life. It is not only having fun with the private or personal information rather they audience want to be part of their life. The interest should not be interpreted negatively rather it is a kind of love to them. When they see the people on golden screen or on newspaper or somehow come to know about the individuals, the people form an invisible bond with the stars.

Accordingly, they want to know about all the happenings of their life. They want to share the joys and sorrows together. But sometimes it becomes impossible for the superstars to make their events and emotions public, hence appeared the biographical movies. Usually the biographical movies are made with the private events of a superstar. Such movies also get tremendous success and positive criticisms from different quarters. So, the movie makers are after such plots which would be suitable to attract the attention of the audiences. Usually not all types of audiences are attracted to such biographic movies rather there are some specific audience who appreciate such movies. So, the movie makers are to take huge risks with their investments.

Sultan (2016)

There are chances that the investments may fail if the movies are not up to the mark and thus the movie makers are always careful about the plots. The plot of this movie, Sultan, is based on a real life wrestler cum boxer of India. His full name is Sultan Ali Khan. He has passed his golden days, and has defeated many renowned other wrestlers of the locality.

Accordingly, he acclaimed the highest position among the boxers. But his personal life was a bit troublesome. He could not comply with the household events. As man, he did not have the mentality to deal with the domestic issues. But when he is imposed with the issues, he cannot concentrate on his wrestling. As a result his fall begins.

The movie belongs to action genre but is a bit different from the contemporary Bollywood action movies. The actions are different and the use of unarmed combats is evident throughout the movie. To perform in this movie, the casts had to master several skills as Salman Khan, the lead role on the movie, had to learn wrestling from a professional instructor. Besides, the lead actress, Anushka Sharma also had to take some lessons over the issue as she was playing the role against Salman. Filming for the movie began in October of 2015. The movie will be released on July 6 in 2016.

Sultan (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: July 8, 2016
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Music by: Vishal–Shekhar
Production company: Yash Raj Films
Written by: Aditya Chopra, Ali Abbas Zafar


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