Synopsis & Plot Summary of Star Trek Beyond (2016):

The Hollywood science fiction movies are usually based on some imaginary events and thus they attract the attention of the global audiences. The movies are made on outstanding plots and thus the audiences are amazed. Sometimes sequels are made of the same movies which have been adored earlier or the movie plots are superb. The current movie – Star Trek Beyond is about to show some extraordinary events to the audiences. This is a sequel of its earlier installment made in 2013 with the name – Star Trek Into Darkness. This is the 13th film of the series and almost all of the movies have become successful in all terms and considerations. The movie is about the struggles and fights of the stranded captain, Capt. Kirk with his companions in a hostile planet. There they tried to survive in an unfavorable environment while some of his companions failed to survive amid the ruthless attacks by the unknown aliens. After landing on the planet, they were attacked and when they were preventing the attacks, they realized that the enemies are more powerful than them.

Hollywood Star Trek Beyond (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Generally Hollywood movies are made with exceptional issues. All the elements of the movies are taken great care during the movie making process. When it is about making an action movie, the movie makers of Hollywood usually apply all of their knowledge and expertise they earned by making action movies. If they want to make a movie on history, they have great researches before starting the movie. They usually do not want to provide any wrong information about the histories. So, they take necessary preparations beforehand. Sometimes, when it is about making a movie on biography (better known as biopic), the movie makers, particularly the director and the casts, study on the issue and have lots of home works.

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Consequently, the movies become outstanding and the audiences enjoy them on theatre halls. Sometimes the movies become masterpieces and the movie makers get rewards of different types. When they make outstanding movies, they try to continue the legacy and make sequels of the same movies. But there is a precondition of making sequels. The first and topmost important cause is that the earlier installment should be a box office hit. If the movie fails to rock the global box offices, it becomes tougher to make a sequel and the investors are reluctant to invest on such movie which has less potential to refund the investment.

Besides, movie plots also play important roles here. The movie makers try to make some breathtaking plots so that the audiences could be attracted. Sometimes, the movie plots are composed by professional script writers and often the movie directors or producers make the plots. Mostly the plots are polished by the movie directors and producers and they try to add some special twists or spices to make it more digestible with the audiences. Sometimes, nudity, sexual behaviors etc. are found on the movies and in some special cases, they dominate the movies. It happens as the audiences have a different attraction to such issues on the movies.

The movie plot of Star Trek Beyond is about the unwanted wars among the humans and aliens. A group of the USS Enterprise crew was on the space and they had to land into a strange planet. After landing there, they had to experience some unwanted events. They got invaded with some strange aliens. As they have their own protective elements, the USS Enterprise crews got involved into a war with the aliens. But they realized that the aliens were more powerful than them. Besides, they had no ways left to get back from the hostile planet. Moreover, the enemy aliens were brutal and attacked them randomly.

The movie belongs to science fiction genre. To make it more attractive to the audience, it has been merged with action genre and some action elements have been added here to make it more striking.

Besides, the use of special effects will also attract the attention of the audiences. The movie has been directed by Justin Lin while the screenplay for the movie is composed by Simon Pegg and others. The movie plot has been adopted from the series of same name. Filming for the movie began in Vancouver in June of 2015 and it will be released on July 22 in 2016.

Star Trek Beyond (2016), Movie Details:

Release date: July 22, 2016 (USA)
Director: Justin Lin
Film series: Star Trek
Story by: Gene Roddenberry
Producer: Roberto Orci


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