Synopsis & Plot Summary of Seventh Son (2015):

The Seventh Son is the Hollywood fantasy live-action movie on 3D format. This is an epic movie about a knight and his apprentice who want to fight evil after getting trained from the knight. The story is about a war, the war is with mankind and supernatural forces. This is an adaptation of ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ by Joseph Delaney. The apprentice is to face his first challenge with an evil power- the Mother Malkin, who has escaped from confinement and is the greatest threat for the humanity.

Seventh Son (2015) – Official Movie Trailer, Review & Storyline:

The live-action movies have turned into a sensation in the current days and if the story is adapted, the two will cross the limits hopefully. The Seventh Son is the live-action movie that is based on the story of a popular novel. Besides, it is a 3D movie that will increase the joy of watching.

The story centers on the events a spoke apprentice experiences in a real life challenge. Thomas, the young apprentice learns fighting with evil spirits from the local Spook, and a noble Knight as well. The fearless Master Gregory once captured Mother Malkin, the evil entity, for protecting the civilization and humanity. Then he locked her into a chamber but somehow she managed to escape the prison and now wants to take the revenge.

Consequently, she starts gathering evil powers with the association of her followers. The knight is to face the evil but he has limited time to train up the apprentice. He is to race against time. He will get next full moon to teach all the skills and arts to defeat evil to the seventh son of a seventh son – the young apprentice. Besides, the question arises – Is it possible for two of them to defeat the witch with her entire supernatural evil army and assassin, and protect the mankind?

The movie is the combo of dark-age and modern society where the magic and legend are presented simultaneously. The Knight is on a travel from the past to get the right hand to hand over the teachings which was prophesized earlier. It was mentioned to the noble Knight that a hero with special power and qualities will be born to protect the mankind from all evils. He is the last son of the Seventh Son.

Finally, after lots of events and incidents, the witch has been defeated and the apprentice turns into the new Spook to protect the mankind.

The movie features famous Hollywood artists including Ben Barnes on the role of Tom Ward, jeff Bridges on the role of the Spook cum noble Knight, Julianne Moore as the Mother Malkin, the deadly evil spirit, with Alicia Vikander as the Alice Deane, Antje Traue on the role of Bony Lizzie, and Olivia Williams as Mam and Kit Harington as Billy Bradley.

Although the plot is some tiring for the people who are used to watch the action movies, it is a perfect one for those who want to pass their moments on an epic adventure. The sets and props of the movie are well designed and the costumes are nice too. Each of the costumes was accompanied with perfect make ups. The locations are also noteworthy, the visual and special effects including the 3D effects are top class and excellent.

The Seventh Son is inspired by the novel of Joseph Delany with the title – The Spook’s Apprentice, and is directed by Sergey Bodrov. The screenplay is composed jointly by Charles Leavitt, Steven Knight and matt Greenberg.

Seventh Son, 2014 Movie Details:

Initial release: December 17, 2014
Director: Sergei Bodrov
Running time: 120 minutes
Editors: Michael Kahn, Paul Rubell
Music composed by: Marco Beltrami, A. R. Rahman, Tuomas Kantelinen


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