Synopsis & Plot Summary of Self/Less (2015):

Hollywood is globally known for thriller and action movies and by years it has achieved much appreciation over the action and thriller and made from the industry. A new trend has begin – the combination of thriller with science fiction and hopefully it will also rock the box offices in line with the other movies in the same industry. The Self/Less is one the current genre – science fiction thriller that deals with the issue an extremely wealthy man who is to die for cancer. But before the death, he tries to shift his consciousness into the body of another young man. After shifting the consciousness, different thrilling events start to happen with the young guy.

Hollywood Film – Self/Less (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Hollywood is the film industry where almost every movie made become box office hit. It mostly happens for the extra ordinary film making and use of special effects and visuals and the most importantly- the script and plot of the movie. This is the key for success of Hollywood movies. Self/Less is also filling up the criterion to be a successful one and it has another advantage – it is the fusion of action thriller and science fiction.

In the movie, Self/Less, the title suggests much important information about the movie. Selfless literally suggests being without one’s own self. To be unaware about one’s own sense too. The plot is a bit similar with the title which is not found in almost the other thriller movies. The plot is about transferring consciousness from one body to another. Thus, the first one turns self less as the body does not have any thing.

The key story of the movie is about transferring of consciousness from a dying body to another living body and the consequences the living body experience after the transfer. It is true that feelings and emotions are different from person to person, and thus the senses may not appropriately work same when they are shifted to another residing place.

A very rich man is about to die of cancer and thus he plans to transfer his consciousness to a living human body. After the consciousness has been transferred, the living body starts feeling something different. His own feelings were not working at all rather he was being dragged by the memories of the dead man- his living, his life, his characteristic and more other issues.

At a stage the living body discovers some mystery about the dead man – about his origin. But everything did not go well. There are some other parties to diminish the mysteries and the consciousness. As a result, the young man is to fight back to protect himself.

The movie is starred by Ryan Reynolds on the role of New Damian, Ben Kingsley against the role of extremely rich Old Damian, with Matthew Goode for the role of Professor Albright, Michelle Dockery as Claire, Natalie Martinez as Madeline, Victor Garber as Martin, and Derek Luke on the role of Anton.

Script for the movie is composed by David and Alex Pastor while it is under the direction of Tarsem Singh. Filming of the movie began in New Orleans in October of 2013 and will be released on 10 of July in 2015.

Self/Less (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: July 10, 2015 (USA)
Director: Tarsem Singh
Music composed by: Antônio Pinto
Screenplay: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Producers: James D. Stern, Ram Bergman, Peter Schlessel


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