Synopsis & Plot Summary of Sarabjit (2016):

Bollywood is the place where the movie makers use different techniques to make movies and most of the movies become successful in different terms. Currently the movie makers are dealing with the real life events and biographies. The causes are unknown. The movie – Sarbjit is about such a real life events of a man. Sarbjit Singh is a farmer. Unfortunately, he was considered as an Indian spy when he entered in Pakistan, mistakenly. But the Pakistan authority did not believe his statements and he was sentenced with the capital punishment. The movie plot is a bit touchy for all the audiences as there are some emotional issues related with the event. Besides, the movie makers have represented the factual events on the movie. The farmers usually get drunk on some occasion and perfume some unwanted tasks. So, when it was about Sarbjit, he also did the same. But it was his misfortune that he could not prove anything against his claim and died in a Pakistan prison.

Bollywood Hindi Movie Sarabjit (2016) Review & Storyline:

Usually the Bollywood movie makers make great movies and the movie plots are outstanding in different sense. Currently the movie makers are trying to invent something different and thus they are experimenting over different unusual issues. They are connecting different genres together to make movies and often the movies become super hit in the box offices. The movies create different genres together which is also will be considered as an invention in the history of Bollywood movie. Earlier, there were some common genres like action, romantic, drama and comedy. But now the list has been expanding and newer genres are on the card.

So, the Bollywood movie makers are having chances to make movies over the genres and sometimes their estimations go right and they win the luck. The movies rock the nation and they get benefitted in different terms. The successful movies also reward the casts and crews in line with the movie makers. Thereby, the movie makers take the risks of experiments with the movies and most of the time they make sure that the movie plots and casting is done perfectly. There are some preconditions about taking risks for such movies.


Firstly, the movie makers need to be assured about the success of the movie plot. They need to analyze properly about the movie plots. Usually there are some standards for a movie plot to be successful. When the movie plot is not up to the mark, the movie makers usually try to polish the plots. They add, reject and modify the characters and dialogues and in fact invest lots of times after the movie plot. They know better that if the movie plot is not a standard one, the audience will reject the movie shortly after its release.

Making movies from real life stories has become a new trend in Bollywood. The movie Sarbjit is also made from a real life story. The movie makers got inspiration from the untold story of a farmer who died in a Pakistan jail. The story is heart twisting indeed. The movie maker has depicted the movie with great care so that the events could reach the audiences perfectly. The story is about a farmer in Bhikiwind. Sarabjit Singh, the farmer. He is like the other farmers of his locality. He likes to drink occasionally like the other farmers do.

But it was his misfortune that the village he lives in is near the Indo-Pak border. One day, after having a couple of drink marking an occasion, he crossed the border and got caught to the law enforcers of Pakistan. The Pakistan forces suspected him to be an Indian spy. So, they pressed charges against him for spying on Pakistan and intruding inside the country. Sarabjit failed to prove his innocence. As a result, he received the highest punishment. He was sentenced to stay in jail for life term.

But the other inmates of the Pakistan jail attacked him for some mysterious reasons. Sarabjit sustained serious injury and finally he died in the jail. This is the departure of an innocent soul for some false charges on him. The issue has become the point of attention for many people in the country but they could not do anything for Sarabjit as law goes on its own way.

Filming for the movie began in December in 2016 and is set to be released on May 20 in 2016.

Sarabjit (2016) Hindi Movie Details:

Initial release: May 20, 2016
Director: Omung Kumar
Screenplay: Omung Kumar
Production company: T-Series
Cinematography: Kiran Deohans
Cast: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda


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