Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ricki and the Flash (2015):

Ricki and the Flash is the upcoming Hollywood comedy that is based on the events of an aged woman who wants to settle down with her family after her attempt to be a guitar heroine in the rock world. The movie shows how the lady returns to her home and family after her attempts to be a famous musician. Actually the movie also about to teach the audience on fame and name which is not achievable so easily but most of the people are after it leaving their families behind. But when they realize that they will not be able to get the fame, the return to their base. Family is the most important place that never ignores such people who left it.

Hollywood Film – Ricki and the Flash (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

There are different types of comedies are available and most of the comedies make us laugh, but some of them teach us too. Usually the audience believes that the comedy movies only should contain elements for laughter and they will die laughing. But in reality, the comedy movies are far greater than such ideas.

The movie, Ricki and the Flash, is an upcoming Hollywood comedy and is a much speculated one as the casting and plot of the movie is great. The plot is strong enough to rock the box office with the perfect performance of the casts. The movie is about a lady who wants to see herself as musician and thus lefts her family behind to reach her goal when she was young.

The movie is about the passion for music by the aging lady and finally her return to the home after the failure. She gave up everything to become a rock star. She left the home, performed in different events and experienced much more. But her attempts did not bring a good result and at last she understands that she is not compatible with the rock music. She returns home to make everything alright.

Development of the movie began from March of 2014 and casting for Ricki and the Flash also started by the same time. Script for the movie is composed by Diablo Cody and produced jointly by Marc E. Platt and Mason Novick. Cody composed the script based on his personal experience when he saw an aged woman playing guitar in bar. The title was selected in April of 2014 and sponsorship of the project was made by a bid as several studios wanted to get the movie as their own due to the grand plot and casts.

Decisions were made final to make film and casting continued till October of 2014. Different famous faces will be seen in the movies playing different roles. Interestingly, Meryl Streep will be seen playing the role of the aged woman while her daughter will also be seen in another supporting role. To make the role perfect, Meryl had to learn playing guitar.

Filming for the movie began in different parts of New York in October of 2014 and it will be released on 7 August in 2015.

The film stars – Meryl Streep on the role of as Ricki, an aging rock star who abandoned her family to become a famous musician, and Mamie Gummer as Julie, the daughter of Ricki with Kevin Kline as Pete, Ricki’s ex-husband, Sebastian Stan as Joshua, Ricki’s estranged son, Rick Springfield as a guitarist and member of Ricki’s band, Audra McDonald as Maureen, Pete’s wife, Ben Platt as Daniel, the bartender at Ricki and the Flash’s regular spot, Charlotte Rae as Oma, Pete’s mother and Ricki’s former mother-in-law.

Ricki and the Flash (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: August 7, 2015 (USA)
Director: Jonathan Demme
Cinematography: Declan Quinn
Production company: Walden Media
Genres: Comedy-drama, Music genre, Drama film


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