Synopsis & Plot Summary of Raees (2017):

Raees is the upcoming Bollywood thriller movie based o the real life story of a local gangster in Gujarat in India. The movie is about the life of the gangster and how he gained wealth in his life. The movie shows the real life events of gangster and how he became one of the top gangsters in his locality. The movie is about gaining wealth in illegal ways and also shows a message to the audiences that the illegal wealth does not stay for longer period. The gangster, Raees Bhai, gained the wealth by adopting different means like establishing prostitution, drug business, supplying drugs in different parts of the country, threatening people, grabbing their properties and more other illegal issues. When the gangster committed the crimes, he turned cruel and did not show any mercy to the victims. But when a tough police officer started investigating into his matter and unearthed all of his hidden facts, he could not stop him. Law goes on by its own track and criminals are not allowed to bar the ways of the law.

Bollywood Hindi Movie Raees (2017) Review & Storyline:

Usually people want to have wealth for their material living and they gain the wealth in different means. Most of the time people want to remain honest with their professions and after a certain stage they gain wealth. But the amount they gain is not enough to lead a wealthy life. So, they adopt different illegal ways. It is found in most of the cases and numerous examples are lying in surrounding of us. But the people who gain the wealth in little amount are able to lead a happy life. In contrary, there are some other people who want to have wealth immediately. They adopt the dishonest means and gain the wealth in the shortest possible time. So, their ways are not honest. Rather they make people displeased and gain their interest.

Generally the gangsters around the world are considered richest than the common people. They gain their interests by force. They usually force people to pay them in the name of protecting their interest. This is commonly known as extortion and the money paid to the gangsters is known as extortion money. Besides, the gangsters deal with drug business and they sometimes have some connection with some unscrupulous police officers to help them in their business. So, when the people go to police for help, they do not get the required help as they have association with the drug dealers and the gangsters. Moreover, the people who complain against the gangsters and drug dealers are harassed by the police.

But the scenario is not the same always and everywhere. There are some police officers who are honest and once they are after something, they check the ending of the event. But unfortunately the number of such people is limited in the world. ACP Ghulam Patel (the role played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is one of them who was after Raees Bhai (role played by Shahrukh Khan) to ensure his downfall. This is a real life event of the 1980s that happened in Gujarat of India.

Raees (2017)

A gangster named Raees Bhai started his kingdom in the local areas of Gujarat. Raees Bhai used to run prostitution, dealt with drugs, extortion, killing and threatening people. Besides, the people also could not express their opinions against the gangster fearing the loss of their lives or torture. So, the gangster, Raees Bhai, continued to build his empire in the locality and started reigning. But his rule did not go for long and his downfall began with the transfer of ACP Ghulam Patel in his locality. The police officer was tough in nature and did not compromise with the criminals. Before his appearance at the place, Raees Bhai used to manage all the other police officials so that they do not hamper his illegal activities.

But the luck of Raess did not favor him at this time. He failed to manage ACP Ghulam Patel and invited his downfall. The police officer started inquiry against Raees Bhai and came to know about all of his business like alcohol, prostitution and drug. So, he took steps to close down the business and bring Raees Bhai under the law.

The movie has been directed by Rahul Dholaki and Gauri Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani have jointly produced it. Filming for the movie began in April of 2015 and is set to be released initially in July 3 in 2016.

Raees (2017) Hindi Movie Details:

Initial release: July 3, 2016 (India)
Director: Rahul Dholakia
Distributed by: Eros International
Music composed by: Ram Sampath
Production companies: Red Chillies Entertainment, Excel Entertainment


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