Synopsis & Storyline of Prometheus 2 (2016):

Prometheus 2 is an upcoming Hollywood science fiction thriller film and the sequel of another science fiction film Prometheus that was released in 2012. The central theme of both of the films is related with the eponymous Titan that belonged to Greek Mythology. The Titan is known as the god of fire for his gift of fire the humanity by avoiding the rules and consequently he was eternally punished. The Gods want to limit their creations lest they (the humans) attempt to seize gods’ power. Although officially nothing much is exposed over the Prometheus 2, but it is reported that some new aliens and characters will be introduced with the new storyline and there are some changes regarding events that happened in the earlier part. It will be the finishing for the last part of Prometheus. The film is about the relationship between the creators and the creations and results of defying the creators. Humans try to discover God and learn about the material issues like death, immortality and belief, and that kicks off the clash.

Hollywood Film – Prometheus 2  (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Prometheus is a science fiction that was globally released in 2012 and some of the issues were unanswered in the film. Therefore, to reply the disorders, the studio is set to release another one with the same title and sequel for the former one named – Prometheus 2. Prometheus, on the film, is a space craft that is travelling on the outer space and seeking the origin of God, and the theme is similar to the event of Prometheus of Greek Mythology – who was god as well but gifted the humans with fire, and consequently he was punished eternally by the other gods of the Greek Mythology.

The movie is also representing the similar events as humans want to know about God and his origins; the travelers in the expedition start suffering from troubles for their pursuit of God. In course of their travel in space they meet with God like creatures but their questions remain unanswered. The films resolution is for the audience to make a conclusion. The other theme of the films is about the eternal questions of human- “Who am I?” or “Who made me?” It is the development and combo of the Judeo-Christian beliefs and Greeko-Roman Mythologies through the entire movie. The gap will be bridged with the second one, and in the second installment of the movie, the next destination of the Prometheus is shown. It is the Paradise. But according to the film makers, paradise is not the thing people think of. Paradise also has a connotation of being extremely sinister.

It is reported that fresh cast will be seen in the Prometheus 2 for the necessity of the story line and new writers are also boarded on the film making team for completing the additional plot. Consequently, penning the script ended in June of 2013 and also was being revised again in March of 2014 for making the plot a breathtaking one.

The movie background is set on the late part of the 21st Century and a team of space crews set their journey by following a star map to seek out the human origin. The previous part of the Prometheus 2 has gained global fame for the plot concept and practical sets and international locations. But the plot drew mixed reactions from different quarters. It is anticipated that the current plot of Prometheus 2 will be able to pass up the criticisms for the rational issues solving the mysteries. It is also reported that the Prometheus 2 will be a fresh one free from Gods, dragons and other stuffs and will focus on something more terrible than those.

Directed by Michael Green, the filming for the Prometheus 2 will being at the late part of 2015 and the probable release date is March 4 in 2016. Prometheus 2 features Noomi Rapace with Michale Fassbender and Danny Webb. It is produced by Walter Hill and Ridley Scott.

Prometheus 2, 2016 Movie Details:

Director: Michael Green
Produced by: Walter Hill, Ridley Scott
Edited by:
Writers: Michael Green
Stars: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Danny Webb
Movie Type: Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Music by: Dario Marianelli
Country: USA
Release Date: 4 March 2016 (USA)
Runtime: N/A
Filming Locations: USA
Production Company: Scott Free Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Language: English
Budget: TBA


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