Synopsis & Plot Summary of Pete’s Dragon (2016):

In the current days, a perfect relationship has become one of the rare things in the world for the mechanized life. Most of the time, the peoples are unable to keep a healthy relationship with their near and dear ones. But on the movie, Pete’s Dragon, it is shown that the relationships could be more interesting if you could nurture them. Not only humans, the friendship could be done with animals as well. But you have to make sure that you do not intend any harm to that animal. Sometimes, a friendly gesture is enough to make the animal understand that you are not causing any harm to it. The movie – Pete’s Dragon is based on the events of the relationship between a dragon and an orphaned boy named Pete. The dragon is named as Elliott. Both of them have different adventures and they formed a very good friendship. But the emergence of the dragon has not been found and when the existence of the dragon, Elliott was exposed to another man wants to reveal its origin. He starts his journey to the jungle to find out about the real truth of the giant dragon. In this journey, he is accompanied by the little orphan, Pete.

Hollywood Movie Pete’s Dragon (2016) Review & Storyline:

Movies are made to entertain the audiences in different ways and most of the cases the movies take different shapes. The movie – Pete’s Dragon is all set to screen the differences. The movie is made based on some special issues and factors. The movie is about the love to animals and how people become affected with the love. Sometimes, the movie makers try to send some message with their movies and when they are able to send the messages, the changes take place. The movie – Pete’s Dragon is a live action movie where there are some animated elements has been used as well which has made the movie more attractive. The movie is also about the love for animals by the humans. Most of the cases, the movie makers have used some special effects so that the movie could be more attractive to its audiences.

Pete’s Dragon is a different type of movie that has been made with a specific aim. The movie is aimed to increase love to the animals. The movie is made on a specific plot that deals about the relationship between a boy and a dragon. Usually there are no existence of dragons are found in the current days. So, the movie will increase some curiosity among the others about the appearance of the dragon. The animated dragon named Elliott befriends with the little orphan boy Pete. Both of them share a great sense of bonding named friendship. The dragon is not harmful though it looks like a giant in shape and size. It has a very soft mind. It lives in the jungle and makes fun with the little boy.

Pete's Dragon (2016)

The movie – Pete’s Dragon shows the adventures of the team made up with the little orphan – Pete and the giant looking dragon – Elliott. Both of them pass their days amid different activities. By the same time, the story of the dragon got spread among the other people who want to discover the truth about the dragon. They want to know about the boy and the friendly dragon. They want to know about them from their curiosity and this is natural. Many of the people have heard about the dragon in different stories. But they did not have seen it by eyes. So, when they get the chance to see it, they do not want to miss. So, a group of friendly people start their journey towards the jungle to meet with the dragon.

Pete’s Dragon is a fantasy movie – one of the most prominent genres in entertainment industry. The movie is also a live action one where some of the shots have been done with the use of latest technology and animation. Pete’s Dragon is written jointly by Toby Halbrooks and David Lowery while it is also directed by Lowery himself. A movie was made of the same name back in 1977. To make a cooler version of the movie, this installment has been made. Filming for the movie began in New Zealand in January in 2015. The movie is set for its release in August 12 in 2016.

Pete’s Dragon (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: August 12, 2016 (USA)
Director: David Lowery
Music composed by: Howard Shore
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures
Story by: Seton I. Miller


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