Orange is a very healthy fruit and is available round the year. Usually people take orange as a fruit or to entertain guests. But it is also could be used for different purposes too. Today, you will learn about making a pudding using oranges in it. Pudding is also a very common and a popular food item, and it’s making process is not that much difficult. To prepare orange pudding you are to follow some steps. Here are they.

Duration: 20 minutes
Preparation process 5 minutes and cooking 15 minutes
Eggs – 2 pieces,
Orange – 1 Piece
Milk- 1 liter
Loaf- 4/5 slices
Sugar – 1.5 cup
Cardamom powder – 4 pieces

Preparation process:
Heat a cup of milk in the beginning. Then cut down the loaf slice from the side and keep the soft parts and mix the hot milk with the loaf slices. Use the eggs with the loaf slice and nudge them altogether. Get the orange juice out of the orange and save the juice on a pot. Add the orange juice with the mixture. Stir the mixture and keep on another pot.

To cook the pudding, take a pressure cooker or oven. If you are on pressure cooker, pour some water on the cooker and then place the mixture pot on the cooker. Seal the closure of the cooker properly. Heat the cooker for about 8 to 10 minutes. Then heat the remaining milk with adding sugar on that. Keep in mind that the sugar level should be thick. When the milk turns thicker, pour the pudding mixture on the milk and spray the cardamom powder on the pudding. The pudding is best served when it is cold.