Synopsis & Plot Summary of Moana (2016):

Humans are always inquisitive and they want to explore the world. For the exploration of the world and discovering different things, they undertake numerous approaches. Often they have to risk their lives and in some cases, they could be the winner. Moana is an upcoming Hollywood movie which shows some such adventures of a young girl. This is an animated movie and several genres have been attached here in for the entertainment of the audiences. The movie plot is about the stories of a young girl who wants to see the world. She got some latent talents with her. She is a skilled navigator by her birth. So, she wants to apply her skill in searching the world. But she cannot move alone. She needs a company with her. Thereby, when her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui accompanies her, she becomes the happiest woman on the planet. Both of them travels in different parts of the world and discovers different things which they did not see before. The journeys were the best journeys they made ever in their lives. So, they did not miss the chances to enjoy the journeys and got involved into different attractive adventures that have made their mind fresh and the trips unforgettable. They crossed almost all the seaways of the world and now it is time for them to get back in their home.

Hollywood Movie Moana (2016) Review & Storyline:

Generally the humans are fond of travelling. They prefer traveling for several reasons. Traveling is highly useful for the travelers and helps them to gain knowledge over the unseen issues. Usually a traveler is much wise than the ordinary people as s/ he has travelled in different parts of the world and is well aware of different issues. Thereby, they are respected in a different manner in the society. But there are some other people who want to travel the world not only to earn knowledge rather they merely want to explore for their enjoyment. The movie – Moana is one of the movies where the lead characters have been set to explore the world and enjoy their trips on the seas. The movie in fact has represented some of the people of the society who want to know about the world and earn knowledge about the both the checked and unseen things. This is a kind of movie that wants to inspire people to undertake adventures often and only for enjoyment.

Moana is the movie that deals with a few characters. Generally, animated movies are not made with so few characters. The lead character of the movie is a little girl. She is not too much aged and she has an inquisitive mind and she wants to know about the world. She also is gifted with some special abilities. She is a skilled navigator and she wants to apply her skill in exploring the seas. She is eager to go for some adventures and check how her skills work for her. But, moving alone is dangerous and thus she is unable to move alone for the adventures. She now needs a companion and she gets her favorite companion with her on board. She is accompanied by demi-god, Maui. Maui accompanies her at the journeys and thus they had some extraordinary adventures.

Moana (2016)

Making a movie is difficult and if that is animated, the troubles increase more. The movie – Moana is also an animated movie and the movie makers had to undergo different troubles during the movie making. The movie makers of the movie had to invest all of their hard efforts to complete the movie. Since there are no human casts in the movie, the animations needed some voice casts. The movie makers have recruited some of the renowned people to provide their voice. Besides, making the computer animation is also a task of great difficulty. The movie makers are to make different plans and change them accordingly to animate the movie. So, they had a lot of efforts on the movie to make it.

Development for the movie began in 2011 and the movie makers had to undergo different troubles and issues regarding the movie plot making. The movie makers had to research on their movie plot and they had to go for research trips in some of the pacific islands to know about the cultures and norms of the regions. They were set to make their movie background on the pacific region and if they are unaware of the local norms and customs, they will be unable to represent the issues on their movie – Moana perfectly.

Moana is the upcoming 3D movie that has been produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The animation studio is also famous for making 3D and animated movies. The movie is the 56th venture of Disney’s animated features canon. Moana is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker jointly. The movie will be released on November 23 n 2016.

Moana (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: November 23, 2016 (USA)
Directors: John Musker, Ron Clements
Screenplay: Pamela Ribon
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Alan Tudyk
Music composed by: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina
Production companies: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures


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