Synopsis & Plot Summary of Max Steel (2016):

Adventures are always fun and if the adventures are with the greatest friend, the enjoyments turn double. Such events happened with Max McGrath. He is a teenage boy and loves to participate in adventures. Suddenly his meeting with an alien named Steel changed the mode of his life. Before the meeting with Steel, Max was only a teenage boy and dreamt like the other boys of his age. But when he meets with Steel, his way of thinking has been changed. Since Steel is an alien, it owns some super powers which are not available to the humans. So, when both of them meet together, they become a superhero – Max Steel. The combination of a human and an alien makes the superhero couple and they started their adventures. They did lots of things together and never lost to anyone. But if the super power cannot be harnessed, it will have some detrimental impacts on everyone. So, the super power should be harnessed soon before it is late and any occurrence takes place. But the question is who will harness them? Both of them are happy with each other and continuing their own activities and if they are asked to stop, they will not listen to any one.

Hollywood Movie Max Steel (2016) Review & Storyline:

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Max Steel (2016) HD Movie Download

Usually superhero movies belong to science fiction genre and when adventures are added with the movie, it becomes a complete package for enjoyment. When the movie makers attach two different attractive genres together, the audiences become excited with the movie. So, the attraction of such movies is always with the audiences and the movie makers also get inspired to make similar movies. The movie – Max Steel is a science fiction adventure movie that deals with an extraordinary plot. The plot of the movie moves based on the events of Max and Steel. Max is a teenage boy. He is lively and loves to have adventures with his friends. He is filled with emotions and undertakes daring activities to satisfy his desire for adventure.

Suddenly, he meets with Steel. Steel is an alien and comes from an unknown planet. Initially Steel experienced some troubles to move on the planet and when he encounters with Max, two of them make a sense of friendship together. So, they jointly formed into a super hero named – Max Steel. But a simple trouble occurred here. When the two makes the superhero, it becomes difficult for them to control their powers. When they start their adventures, they are unable to control themselves and it may happen that they will perform something illegal someday. So, it is imperative to control their powers otherwise there will be some destruction in the lives of the two.

Development for the movie began in 2009 and it was supposed to be made as a live action movie. Later, the idea was changed and the movie makers planned for the science fiction. Casting began for the movie in December of 2009 and principal photography for the movie began in April in 2014 in North Carolina and it was done by the end of May of the same year. The movie will be released on August 26 in 2016.

Max Steel (2016) Movie Details:

Directed by: Stewart Hendler
Produced by: Bill O’Dowd, Julia Pistor
Written by: Christopher Yost
Based on: Max Steel by Mattel
Starring: Ben Winchell, Ana Villafañe, Andy García, Maria Bello, Billy Slaughter
Music by: Nathan Lanier
Cinematography: Brett Pawlak
Edited by: Michael Louis Hill
Production company: Dolphin Entertainment, Mattel Entertainment
Distributed by: Open Road Films
Release dates: August 26, 2016
Country: United States
Language: English


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