Synopsis & Plot Summary of The Light Between Oceans (2016):

Life becomes happy and complete when the family is made of parents and their kids. But when there are no kids, life seems incomplete to the married couple. The upcoming movie – The Light Between Oceans is based on such a dramatic story. The movie deals with the life events of a lighthouse keeper and his wife. Both of them were living a happy family and the days were passing in joy. But they had no kids. So, they were in need of a kid and fortunately they got a little baby girl who came from a rowboat. They adopted the girl as they did not have any baby. Life went on and they grew the baby up. But they experienced some sudden events that were set to break the family apart. When the baby grew up, they took the girl to the mainland and that caused the trouble. One of the women in the mainland recognized the girl as a lost baby and claimed. Several twists took place and the lighthouse keeper couple fell in deep trouble. They did not want to lose the girl from their life but the woman who claimed the baby to be a lost one took all the necessary preparations to split the girl from them. The story goes on.

Hollywood Movie The Light Between Oceans (2016) Review & Storyline:

Generally the movies are made to entertain the targeted audiences and the movie makers are expert in this case. So, they are always making different types of movies and have created different movie genres. There are several genres have been emerged and some are also on the queue to be appeared. Among the most popular genres, drama is considered as one of the influential genres and the movie – The Light Between Oceans belongs to the drama genre. Drama movies are made with great care and expectation. The movie makers always try to make the movie in an attractive way so that the audiences could get the best entertainment. When the movie is made, the movie makers apply some important measures to make it more attractive.

The upcoming movie – The Light Between Oceans is about to entertain the audiences in different ways. The movie has been made in such a way and the dramatic elements have been applied so sophisticatedly that the audiences will be amazed at the movie. The movie is based on a strong plot which is the most required thing for a movie to shine. In most of the cases, it has found that the audiences do not prefer about the cast or their preferred casts if they could get a movie with an outstanding plot. Usually the movie makers try to adopt different unique plots for them and thus they adopt different usual and unusual means. They often get the plots by professional scriptwriters or the movie directors or producers compose the plots. Besides, the movie makers also try to modify the plots composed by the professional movie writers so that they could have the best thing.

The Light Between Oceans (2016)

The movie plot of The Light Between Oceans is one of the most impressive one and the audiences certainly will enjoy the movie. The movie plot is about making and breaking a family. A man is responsible to maintain a light house in an island of Western Australia after the First World War. He was happy with his wife but unfortunately they did not have any children to make the family complete. They were in some sort of mental torment for not having kids. In such a moment, they rescued a baby girl. The girl came in a rowboat from an unknown place. So, they decided to raise the baby under their adoption. The wife of the man was too happy to have the baby. Accordingly, they started raising the baby until they experienced some troubles from another quarter.

On the movie – The Light Between Oceans, the family feels a deep trouble and they were afraid lest they are to get split with the girl. So, the issue made them highly worried and they did not want to lose the girl. They adopt different means to protect the girls keep her under their custody.

The Light Between Oceans is jointly produced by the US and the UK. The movie plot is written by Derek Cianfrance while he also directed the movie. The movie plot is based on a novel by the same name composed by M L Stedman. Development for the movie began in 2012 and production began in September of 2014. Filming for the movie took place in New Zealand and Australia. The movie is set to be released in September 2 in 2016.

The Light Between Oceans (2016) Movie Details:

Release date: September 2, 2016 (USA)
Director: Derek Cianfrance
Adapted from: The Light Between Oceans
Cinematography: Adam Arkapaw
Music composed by: Alexandre Desplat


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