Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ki & Ka (2016):

When the men are playing the role of women while the women are on the role of men, how will it look? What will be the consequences? There are a large number of questions may appear in this specific context. But the answers will be found on the movie – Ki & Ka. The movie is based on such a story where a man will be playing the role of a woman while the woman will be playing the roles of the man. The stories will amaze the audience. Besides, such types of movie have not been made earlier which is another advantage for the movie makers. Further, the cast in the movie have performed their bests so that the real reflections of the characters could be seen on the screen. The story belongs to romantic comedy genre and accordingly the movie is set to entertain people.

Bollywood Ki & Ka (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

The issue of romanticism has always inspired the Bollywood movie makers to make and produce different movies on this specific genre. As a direct result a great number of movies of this specific genre have been made and the audiences have been entertained greatly. By the same time, when the movies were released, they achieved a large number of positive criticisms. So, all the positive impacts inspired the movie makers to make more movies of this genre and still they are being inspired to make the movies. Ki & Ka is the latest addition of this genre that will entertain the people greatly.

When it is about to make any romantic movie, the movie makers mostly consider few concerning factors and the first and the most important influential factor is the story or the movie plot. Many of the movies have turned into failure as the movie plots were not of the mark. There were no other problems except the movie plot. All of the casts were perfect and their performance level was up to the mark as well but they movies failed to attract audience for the plot. So, the Bollywood movie makers consider plots as an influential factor.


Sometimes, they adopt stories from bestsellers or from any foreign movies and humble acknowledge the contribution of the real them on the movie. But in most of the cases, the movie makers use their own plots and deploy a bunch of writers to compose the story. As a result, the movie plots become unique and do not have to rely any more on the external sources. It has been seen that the movies which are made with unique plots have succeeded more and gained much fame among the audience.

The movie – Ki & Ka is about such a plot which may appear unusual to all. Very often we see some unusual events in our surroundings but we do not care about them. Sometimes the unusual events are intended to make us aware of the things we are observing but we care less about the issues. So, the unusual factors go unnoticed. But if the factors could be sustained, we could have a nice life.

It is usual that women will take care of the home while the men will be the wage earner. It has been going on since after the birth of the planet. So, in the current days, the women are to rely on men for almost all of their needs. But if the scenario is different what will happen then? If a woman becomes the wage earner while the man turns the homemaker? In fact this is a challenging issue to sustain and discuss. When the roles are changed, there are some mental changes occur by the same time. The movie will experience the audience some such issues.

The issue of Gender is a controversial while a great number of arguments go on over it. Which one is better or who will be the best and more other. But the relationship of men and women has some special bonding and they actually cannot go without the help of each other. When they try to replace one another, troubles occur. It happens more among the married couples and the movie – Ki & Ka shows the impacts of the replacement.

Ki & Ka (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: April 1, 2016 (India)
Director: R. Balki
Written by: R. Balki
Cinematography: P. C. Sreeram
Music composed by: Mithoon, Ilayaraja


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