Synopsis & Plot Summary of Kapoor and Sons (2016):

Kapoor & Sons is the upcoming Bollywood drama movie based on the events of a family where nobody could live in peace. The movie is about love. It is also about fear. The movie tells the stories of betrayal by family members and also the detrimental impacts of the betrayal on the family members. The betrayal begins for love. Two brothers fall for a single woman while it was difficult for the woman to choose between them. So, she continued the relationship with both of them. When the issue was revealed, a familial disorder begins in the Kapoor family. The chief and grandfather of the family wanted peace in his life but he did not receive so for the other family members. Quarrelling is the ongoing process of the family and thus the mental disorders developed among the other members.

Bollywood Film Kapoor and Sons (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Usually the drama movies are based on some specific events to make the audience entertained. So, when the movie plots are made with twist, the audiences tend to watch the movies and consequently the movie makers make a good profit of their investment. But to make a good plot, a good number of issues should be brought under consideration. When a script writer composes the movie plot, a large number of issues are brought under his/ her consideration.

So, the movie plots should be realistic and interesting by the same time. Besides, casting plays another important role behind the movies’ success. When the audience cannot find a renowned face, they actually lack confidence to watch the movie on theatre. They think negatively about the performance of the cast as the casts are new to them. So, when the producers spend for the movie, they are on the view to take some famous casts to attract audience.

Kapoor and Sons (2016)

Both the plot and the casts are splendid in this movie. In fact, the movie is the combination of some old and fresh artists who have performed their best and without any imperfection. All of the artists have acted like they are the real characters. They entered inside the characters and performed like that they are the real Kapoors. So, when the audience will watch the movie, they will enjoy, certainly.

The plot of the movie is about the falling in love of two brothers of a family to a single woman. Two of the sons of Kapoor family have arrived at home. But the family is dysfunctional. The parents of the brothers are always in trouble with them. Quarrelling is a very common issue between them and they do not want to compromise over any specific issues. So, when they are in quarrel, they start breaking things.

Besides, genetically, the brothers are also of same nature but their nature is kept hidden until they experience a sudden shock. When they came to know that both of the brothers have fallen in love with the same lady, they start betraying each other. So, whenever it was about the lady, the brothers could not tolerate them. They start quarrelling and fighting each other over the issue. Besides, in the other issues, they also fought them but none of them could be the winner. Again, when they talked with their parents, the issues of love and other related issues appeared which made the situations worst.

On the other side, the founder of the family and grandfather wants to end all the troubles. He wants that everyone should be in their own space and do not make troubles with each other. He, in his life, did not get peach due to the disorders. So, when he is passing the remaining days of his life, he wants some peace. But the question is that whether he would be able to get the peace or not.

The move is set to be released on March 18 in 2016. The movie is directed by Shakun Batra while it is produced by Dharma Productions of Karan Johar.

Kapoor and Sons (2016), Movie Details:

Release date: March 18, 2016 (USA)
Director: Shakun Batra
Music composed by: Amaal Mallik
Production company: Dharma Productions
Written by: Rensil D’Silva


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