Synopsis & Plot Summary of Jupiter Ascending (2015):

Jupiter Ascending is the upcoming Hollywood science fiction about a young woman who genetically inherits something extraordinary that could alter the cosmos balance. The event of the movie belongs to future times. Jupiter Jones, the young lady, born in earth contains a genetic legacy of the House of Abrasax. The house of Abrasax is the center for ruling the habitable planets in the millennia and the alien dynasty is the most powerful in the alien universe. After the death of the matriarch- the head of the house, a disagreement occurred between the existing three primary heirs of the house over occupying the throne, but claim of the throne is stronger for the one living on the earth (Jupiter Jones). Thus, an assassin is sent on earth to kill Jupiter Jones. In association with an ex-military man (who is her only friend), she leaves earth to the outer universe where she is to confront her true destiny.

Review & Storyline of Jupiter Ascending (2015):

From the conventional science fiction and fantasy movies, the Jupiter Ascending is an exceptional one for its special plots, filming and special effects. The story is about a young and destitute woman who by born inherits some extraordinary legacy of the outer earth.

Jupiter Jones is a young lady with odd jobs on earth for living belongs to a royal alien family in the outer universe. She is the best one for ruling the universe for her outstanding competence but the information is unknown to her until an assassin is sent to kill her.

The movie – Jupiter Ascending, surpluses the traditional types of science fiction for the there are twists on the story line. In line with the seeding of the aliens on different habitable planets, Jupiter Jones was born in earth as a normal human being with the extraordinary royal alien legacy. But interestingly, the young lady does not know about her legacy while the other heirs on the outer earth are almost at war for their portions on the House of Abrasax after the death of the matriarch– the center for ruing the alien universe.

When the other three heirs came to know about Jupiter, they got worried and assigned an assassin to kill her on earth. But she was having a very poor and ordinary life on earth, and has to perform odd jobs like cleaning toilets that hardly provide enough feedbacks for her living. The question is that she is unhappy with her job and life on earth, and if she knew earlier that she is the heir of the most influential alien dynasty, what should have she done?

Mila Kunis played the lead role of Jupiter Jones on the movie – Jupiter Ascending, and Channing Tatum is on the role of Caine Wise – with the extraordinary power of smelling DNA throughout the universe. Besides, Eddie Redmayne is playing the role of Balem Abrasax, elder of the three Abrasax siblings and also the lead villain of the movie who demanded the entire Earth for himself. The other roles are starred by Douglas Booth, Sean Bean, Tuppence Middleton, David Ajala, Charlotte Beaumont, Vanessa Kirby, with Oelg Nasobin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Edward Hogg.

The Jupiter Ascending is production of a joint venture by Warner Bros. Pictures of the USA and Village Roadshow Pictures of Australia. Filming of the movie began in April of 2013 and different filming locations have been used including locations in England, the USA a minor part in Spain. The chasing sequence is the longest one in the entire films that also performed the most difficult stunts of the movie. Jupiter Ascending is set to release on February 6 in 2015.

Jupiter Ascending, 2015 Movie Details:

Director: The Wachowskis
Produced by: Grant Hill, Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski
Edited by: Alexander Berner
Writers: The Wachowskis
Stars: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth
Movie Type: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Country: United States,UK,Australia
Release Date: February 6, 2015
Runtime: 125 minutes
Filming Locations: USA,spain,UK
Production Company: Village Roadshow Pictures, Anarchos Productions
Language: English
Budget: $175 million


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