Iodine is a chemical substance and a useful food element that is found in some sort of foods and essential for mental development. Lack of iodine in human body causes mental immaturity. The mental faculty does not flourish for the want of the natural chemical. Even there are different slogans have been invented in favor of the chemical such as – for a healthy life, take iodized salts etc. Besides, iodine is also essential to prevent different diseases.

Iodine is mostly helpful for the growing children and expecting mothers. It is mostly used in edible salts so that people could have a suitable portion of the element. Besides, to check the iodine presence on the edible salts, different tests are also available. If you want to check the iodine presence, take a few pieces of rice and mix that with some salts. Pour few drops of lemon juice on the mixture, if that is violet, then it contains iodine, and if not- the salt is non-iodized.

But interestingly, people take salts with iodine instead of iodized foods. Many of our regular foods are filled with iodine. Here are some names of the iodized foods.

Milk is a natural food and available round the globe. It contains almost all sorts of food elements and also termed as a balanced food. Milk also contains iodine. It also contains calcium, minerals and other necessary vitamins including vitamin D. Further, a cup of milk contains 56 microgram iodine which is highly helpful for human health.

This is another common food item and we take it in different forms. We bake it or take it with different sorts of soups and more. Only a half cup of maize contains about 14 micrograms of iodine. So, it is imperative to take maize as a regular habit.

Fishes are one of the greatest sources of iodine especially the fishes collected from the sea. They contain protein and calcium too. So, if you want to increase iodine, you can add lobsters more to your daily foods. Or you can take the shrimps twice or thrice in a week to make the balance of iodine.

Potatoes are one of the favorite food elements and found around the world. Baked potatoes are filled with important nutrients like fibers, vitamins and potassium and iodine. An average size potato can provide a large portion of iodine for a single day.

Tuna Fish:
The tuna fish is also a good source of iodine. The most important fact is that it is available in cans. You can cook the fish and the canned fishes contain more iodine than the regular bought from the market. Usually the tuna fish contains protein, vitamin D, irons and iodine.

Egg is another balanced food that is filled with different food values. Eggs are edible with different processes. The boiled eggs are also a great source of iodine. You can add the eggs on your salad, curries and even can make sandwiches. The eggs are filled with vitamins, antioxidants, zinc, calcium and many more with iodine. So, you can take at least one egg every day to meet your iodine needs.

Plain Yogurt:
Plain yogurt is another iodine source of iodine. If you take a cup of yogurt a day, it will fill up around 60 per cent of your iodine needs in a day. Besides, it also meets the needs for calcium and other nutrients.

Banana is a popular fruit and found round the year. It is cheap and tasty too. Besides, it is filled with different nutrients like potassium and iodine. So, one should take at least a piece of banana every day to meet the daily needs of iodine.

Strawberry is fine to look at and the taste is delicious too. Usually strawberries are enriched with vitamins and minerals. A cup of strawberry is enough to meet your daily needs of iodine. So, get it as soon as possible to meet the regular iodine needs.