Synopsis & Plot Summary of Insurgent (2015):

Insurgent is the upcoming Hollywood science fiction movie based on the novel of the same name and the sequel of The Divergent Series. It is the second book of the Divergent Trilogy and composed by Veronica Roth. In 2014, Divergent was made and following the success, this is the second installment for the series. The official story line is about the events that the major casts experience after the first one. The lead character Beatrice is to battle with the evils inside her inner self and then she will prepared for the battle against a dominant elite group that is tearing apart her society in association with others of her side and support. She is on a run. The run is against time. She has to discover the facts why her family members had to sacrifice their lives to protect. She must is to get the information as the elites are barring her way and trying to stop her at any cost. Her past haunts her. Beatrice is desperate to protect her beloved ones and thus seeking her allies to be with her in the battle.

Hollywood Film – Insurgent (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Recently the movie sequels are performing very well in the box offices around the world and thus a trend has been created for making sequels of movies with different plots and casts. Hollywood science fiction films are also following the same route for their booming in the global market and consequently making sequels for the genre. But in most cases the movies do not get a better response if the plot is not an extraordinary one. Thereby, the Hollywood filmmakers are using adaptations from science fictions to serve the purpose. The initiative truly deserves appreciation.

Insurgent is one of such upcoming science fiction sequels based on the trilogy novel with the title Divergent composed by Veronica Roth. This is the story of a young lady, the lead character who is on a run to protect her near and dear ones from a group of evil murderer and seeking support to battle with the dominant elite group. On the first chapter on the series, her family members were killed by the group while she survived a brutal attack, and now she is trying her best to protect the remaining family members but cannot as her allies are supporting the killer elites for a mysterious reason.

Beatrice, the lead character, is to find her way before the time ends and have also to discover the causes of death of her family members. But, all her attempts are turning failure for the impediments set by the power-hungry erudite elites. They will do anything, literally – anything, to stop from unlocking the truth about her past. But, if she wants to know the truth of her past and future, she is to be stronger and sacrifice more for that.

The screenplay for the film is mutually written by Brian Duffield and Akiva Goldsman and it the direction for the film was slated for Neil Burger but was taken over by Robert Schwentke and Burger will be executive producer. Insurgent is equally produced by Lucy Fisher, Pouya Shabazian and Doughlas Wick. Regarding the casts, there are some changes from the previous one and the screenplay has added few supporting characters for changing the taste.

The movie features Shailene Woodley on the role of Beatrice (aka Tris), with Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews, Naomi Watts as Evelyn Johnson-Eaton, Theo James on the role of Tobias Eaton, Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior, Ray Stevenson as Marcus Eaton, Octavia Spencer for the role of Johanna Reyes, Zoë Kravitz as Christina, Maggie Q as Tori Wu, Jai Courtney as Eric Coulter, Miles Teller as Peter Hayes, Mekhi Phifer as Max, Keiynan Lonsdale as Uriah Pedrad, Suki Waterhouse as Marlene, Rosa Salazar as Lynn, Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior, Daniel Dae Kim as Jack Kang, Emjay Anthony as Hector and Jonny Weston as Edgar.

Filming of the movie began in May in 2014 and ended on September of the year in different parts of the US. The movie is set to hit theatres on March 20 in 2015.

Insurgent, 2015 Movie Details:

Initial release: March 18, 2015 (France)
Director: Robert Schwentke
Prequel: Divergent
Sequel: Allegiant
Production company: Summit Entertainment


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