Synopsis & Plot Summary of I Smile Back (2015):

‘I Smile Back’ is the upcoming drama movie made in Hollywood. The movie deals with the inner feelings of a woman who has a nice family with husband and two kids. But the woman is under one of the most dangerous mental complexity – depression. There are no exact reasons have been found for her depression and she is also under severe compulsion. As a result, if she does not take care of her depression, the entire family may get broken. The beautiful family and the belongings are on the way to destruction. So, she needs to smile back to the members to avoid her depression. If she does not take care of her mental state immediately, she might have to lose her family forever. So, she needs to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Her husband is also caring and trying hard to get her back on track. The adorable kids of the family are also feeling stressed for the unnatural attitude of their mother. Gradually the family environment is changing and a sense of separation is being felt among the family members.

Hollywood Film – I Smile Back (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

A family is the most important thing in the world and is considered as the first educational institution for kids. But if there are inconsistencies in a family, the kids cannot grow up well. Their mental faculties do not bloom perfectly as it was supposed to be. So, they cannot flourish in their lives. As a result, they turn unproductive and burden of the family and the society as well. But if they would have got a jovial family environment, their future might have turned brighter. Sometimes parents are to be made liable for the changes.

Due to the negative impression from the parents and inappropriate family environment, the kids of a family could get derailed. So, to prevent such situations the parents should be careful and behave accordingly. If the situations turn like the one shown on the movie – I Smile Back, definitely the kids will have to suffer for the attitudes of the parents.

I Smile Back (2015)

The movie is about the inner stories of a family. It is about the mental complexities of a mother of two beautiful kids without any specific issues. The mother, Laney, is an attractive lady. She is intelligent enough to comply with the modern age and she is doing so in her day to day life. She is a sincere mother and takes every possible care for her kids. She is lucky to have the perfect husband which the other ladies desire for. Her family is filled with happiness and she is not in lack of anything. She owns a beautiful house, a nice car and the other modern amenities.

But the trouble occurred when she started suffering from depression. The negative mental complexity has almost changed her life. Her way of thinking, speaking and attitude towards her kids have been changed. If such situation continues, it will have a long term negative impact on her family; particularly her kids will be the worst sufferers. So, to prevent the family from falling apart, she needs to change the attitude. She needs to change the way of her thinking and thus to get rid of the depression. Otherwise, she will have to lose her family including her perfect husband and the adorable kids.

The movie stars Sarah Silverman on the role of Laney, with Josh Charles as Bruce, Thomas Sadoski as Donny, Mia Barron as Susan, Skylar Gaertner as Eli, Shayne Coleman as Janey and Terry Kinney as Dr. Page.

I Smile Back (2015) , Movie Details:

Initial release: October 23, 2015 (USA)
Director: Adam Salky
Running time: 1h 25m
Distributed by: Broad Green Pictures
Screenplay: Amy Koppelman, Paige Dylan


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