Synopsis & Plot Summary of Housefull 3 (2016):

Housefull 3 is the upcoming Bollywood comedy movie and this is the third installment of the series. The earlier installments were highly successful in all terms including making great business and receiving positive criticisms. The movie is all about comical events with double meaning dialogues. Official plot has not been revealed yet but it is reported from reliable sources that the movie will be a different one from the previous installments. Though this is the sequel of its earlier version – Houseful 2, the addition of some newer characters will make the movie a rocking one. The earlier character will sustain in this installment while the comical scenes will be enjoying for the audience. The first installment of the movie was made in 2010 while the second one was produced in 2012 and a gap of three years has been taken to make the third installment. So, the movie makers will plan for the next installment after the release of this one.

Bollywood Housefull 3 (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Usually the Bollywood movies are the sources of entertainment to the global audience. Many of the foreign audiences are in love with the Bollywood movies for the movie making and performance of the cast. Besides, the stronger scripts also play an important role in this case. Most of the Bollywood movies are made based on some special events and accordingly they bring a desired level of outcome. When a movie is released, in the current days, they try to have a business of over 100 crores and accordingly some of the movies cross the target if the plots are stronger and the performances are up to the mark. So, it is all about movie making. The movie maker who is experienced to make such movies can have the desired outcome and the other film makers who do not care about the plots or performance, do not get the desired things.

Comedy movie is one of the best desired genres in Bollywood. So, the movie makers try to keep some comic elements on their movies. When they make movies of different genres, they do not forget adding the comic elements to make the audience relieved from the plot climaxes. But when they make the entire comedy movie, the elements are huge and are solely aimed to make the audience laugh. Sometimes the movie makers add some educative elements or messages on the movies but often audience rejects such elements and turns the movies down. But in the case of comedy movie, there are no such issues. The movies are aimed to make the audience amused.

Housefull 3 (2016)

Besides, the film makers pick the right cast for the movie. There are some artists in Bollywood who are perfectly fit for all sorts of characters and the movie makers usually reach them for the movie. If we name someone from those characters, Akshay Kumar is one of those luckiest persons who have the power and ability to perform in all forms of characters. His performance in the earlier installments is unforgettable. He can play the role of an action hero, but when he is in comical character, the audiences do not think that he is out of his track. Rather he is welcomed on this role and the audiences always appreciate it.

Regarding the female lead selection, the movie makers always are choosy. They usually do not take ordinary lead roles rather try to get someone who could be the right one. Accordingly, they take their time to select the right candidate. Sometimes the scripts are composed after the characters’ features.

So, female lead casting becomes a troublesome issue for them as many of the Bollywood heroines are unable to portray the character they are assigned. But in this movie, all the female lead role playing characters have perfectly portrayed their respective roles. Even putting on short dresses, they have performed comfortably before the camera.

Initiative to make the movie was taken in the mid of 2014 and accordingly the shooting began in January of 2015. This current installment will be directed by Sajid – Farhad. They are the new directors for this installment while the previous installments were directed by Sajid Khan alone. The former installments brought huge success for the movie producers. The current installment will be released on June 3 in 2016.

Housefull 3 (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: June 3, 2016
Director: Sajid Samji & Farhad Samji
Film series: Housefull
Screenplay: Sajid Samji & Farhad Samji
Production companies: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, UTV Motion Pictures


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