Generally not only women are fond of a bright skin, rather at times males are fond of bright skin too. Regardless the gender, people want to get a fairer skin than others so that they could be treated specially amidst of people. Thus, they adopt different measures including applying fairness creams and many more.

But every time, they cannot be successful as many of the fairness products are not of standard or lack the actual quality to alter the complexion. But if you try the herbal cosmetics, you are to get a fairer skin surely. All the ingredients are placed at your kitchen.

Basically, we try all the available cosmetics and toiletries found in the market and promoted to use. Consequently, we start suffering from different skin disorders for our ignorance over the products as those are not made with proper ingredients, poor chemicals and also belong to low grade quality. We forget that a bright skin the outer expression of a healthy inside. Your skin will be healthy outside if you have a healthy body and mind. The artificial elements work from outside of the skin but the herbal elements work for both outside and inside of the skin.

Here are some herbal ingredients to apply on your skin to make it healthy and bright:


Cucumber is another natural skin brighter. It helps the skin to protect form the ultra-violate rays and sun burn. So, you can take two slices of cucumbers and rub that on your face and exposed parts. Besides, you can also add some rose water and glycerin on the cucumbers to get a better result. It will make the skin brighter.

Tomato Juice:

Tomato juice is useful to make the skin soft when it gets rough for the excessive heats, dusts and dirt. Make a combo of tomato juice with lemon juice and apply that on your face and skin. Apply the juice on your face and the exposed areas of the body.


Sandalwood is an excellent natural element to make you look younger than your age. It makes the skin bright and natural. You can make a paste using sandal wood grind with milk and turmeric powder. Apply the paste for around 15 minutes, and then wash the face with clean and cold water. Feel the freshness.


Honey softens the skin. If you apply honey on your skin with milk, the skin will get a better nutrient and will be softer than ever. You can mostly use the honey during the winter to avoid all sorts of skin disorders.

Grape Juice:

It happens at times that the skin loses its natural brightness and become dark. This is mostly for the outer cover by dusts and sun rays. You can take a few grapes and rub them on the face. The grape juices are helpful to remove the external agents and make your skin bright again.

Carrot Juice:

Carrot is basically used as vegetables. But you can also use it as a natural face wash. Carrot juice helps to remove the dirt from the skin and unblocks the paths to enter oxygen inside the skin. You can apply the juice on your face at least twice in a week to make the skin better.

Aloe Vera Juice:

This is another type of natural element to make your skin look bright and fresh. Usually the skin loses freshness when it lacks water. Aloe vera is helpful to make the skin moist. It removes the water lacking and make the skin look fresh and young.

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