Keeping the health in a stable state is one of the biggest achievements in life. If you are unhealthy, you cannot do anything. A stout health is a divine blessing. People who suffer from illness realize the authenticity of the statement. So, it is imperative to maintain a balanced health that is free from diseases and physical troubles. To get the desired health, you will need a healthy immune system.

Only having physical exercise in not enough to get you the proper immune system that is effective in illness prevention and thus keeping you fit for everything. You are also in need of some extra nutrient beside your regular diet. The diets are available everywhere and enriched with vitamins and other necessary substance to keep the immune system strong.

Here are best 10 foods that will make your immune system healthy:

Organic Vegetables:
Most of the vegetables are grown using different sorts of fertilizers, chemicals and insecticides. Consuming such vegetables is harmful for health and destroys the immune system gradually. Try to get a source of organic vegetables. Have them regularly on your meal. Fee the change.

Spices and Herbs:
Spices and herbs have long been considered as the protector of the immune system. Usually the herbs contain natural food values. Spices like garlic, turmeric, clove etc. are also very useful to keep your immune strong as the agents, antioxidants and properties of the spices destroy the immune viruses. Thus the immune remains clean, safe and healthy.

Drink Liquids:
Usually liquid is helpful for your muscles and cleans toxins of the body. In some drinks- like green tea, there are antioxidants that help to improve the metabolism and thus you body becomes able to consume foods easily. Besides, water is also helpful to keep the skin moisture and clears the bowel movements. So, for a healthy immune system, you are to drink water or green tea or other liquids more.

Fiber Enriched Fruits:
Fruits containing fiber are best for maintaining a healthy immune system. So, it is better to increase the intake of fiber containing fruits like apple, barley, oats etc. These are enriched in different sorts of proteins that make the immune system strong to prevent diseases. Regular consumption of the fruits is highly helpful to health and boosts the immune system.

Mushrooms are filled with natural proteins, vitamins, calcium, minerals and fibers, and thus helpful for immune system. The properties of mushrooms are famous for enhancing the immune system from a long time ago. So, adding up mushroom on the menu is a wise idea for a healthy immune system.

Vitamins are essential for our immune system. It is found more in fruits and particularly the vitamin C is more effective to form the cells. So, you can raise the intake of vitamin C enriched fruits like orange, pineapple, kiwi etc. Vitamin D is also helpful in this purpose. Possibly consume the vitamin enriched foods daily and you will feel vigorous inside for the strong immune system.

Foods With Omega 3:
Omega 3 plays an important role in preserving the immune system. It is available in fish and fish oil. It is also helpful for heart too. So, the idea good enough to raise the omega 3 level in your daily menu if you are looking for a healthy immune system.

Organic Meats:
Organic meat refers to the meat collected from the animals fed with organic foods or grass. Usually the animals are farmed and are not fed organic elements. It is highly important to pick the meat carefully to maintain a healthy immune system.

Vegetable Oils:
Vegetable oils are the other elements for building our immune system. The oils are filled with natural protein and antioxidants which is essential for keeping the immune stout. You can use olive oils, sunflower oils in your cooking and also may use a few drops on your side dishes and even in salads.

Milk is one of the most important food elements that contain almost all sorts of food values. It is helpful to keep the immune strong. Regular consumption of milk raises the metabolism power and makes you sleep well. So, it is imperative to take a glass of milk every night before you go to bed.