Hairs are one of the most important and impressive elements of human. It helps to get a new look or change the older one. The role of hair is very important and we feel that when we lose the hair or see any bald headed man or woman. Such situations are truly irritating when people look at your head if you do not have the right amount of hair. Further, the moments are enjoyable when people gaze at your hairs and starts talking about the new hair style that makes you look stunning.

If you want to get a stunning look, in line with your dress and other accessories, hairs also play an important role. So, you should take care of the hair and it is most important if you are attending events or you are the center of attractions in any special event like your wedding ceremony.

Adopting hairstyles is not that much easy for all and requires much time and patience. When the hairs are long, you can take styles after your interest. But, when the hairs are short? There is nothing to worry for your short hair. You can also take attractive hairstyles or hpdos on your short hairs and the look will be dazzling too. Here are a few updos for your short hairs.

Queen Braid Crown:
If you are the owner of short hairs and want to get an outstanding look on your wedding day, you can take the braided crowns. Adopting the style is simple and takes less time too to form the crown. If you want the braid, you are to start from a Dutch braid from your eyebrow (outer corner of the eyebrow) and continue it around the faces and on the back of your ear. To make the perfect shape, pin the loose ends.


Bangs and Braided Buns:
If you desire to look glamorous on the wedding day or at any formal events, you can apply the style. The style is sexy too for the ladies with average height. Make the braid thin and let some locks hang around your face.

Braided Bun With Bangs

Sleek Low Knotted Bun:
This is the other form of braid for the short hairs. The knotted bun makes a tight roll of the hair on the back side of your head. The look turns classic and feminine with the bun. This is a simple and gorgeous hairstyle for your wedding. If you want to get a romantic look with the bun, tuck a rose behind your ear. Many of the Hollywood actresses with short hairs adopt the style in their real life to make them look more attractive.

Sleek Low Knotted Bun

Fairytale Braid:
You can adopt a fairytale braid on your short hair. The style is a perfect one for such occasions like marriage or any formal ceremony. Besides, the style is most fitted with the curly hairs and looks romantic too. When you are on fairytale braid, avoid using excessive make ups and use natural make ups to make you look attractive. You can also use a headband that will add simplicity with the style.

Fairytale Braid

Headband and Braided Bun:
Usually the buns allow the hair to stay in a roll-tight position behind the head, adding a headband on the style will bring a flawless look on the bride. The bride can also use a tiara on her head as a light ornament to get a contemporary look.

Braided Bun With A Headband

For a flawless hair on the wedding day, you can adopt the hair-raising pompadour. It is another perfect hair style for the short hair that will make the bride look perfect, stylish and confident enough for the day. The make ups should be normal and natural looking with your skin. The look will be awesome for the day.


Intricate Updo:
In this style, the hairs are intricately woven to bring a unique look on the wedding day. Usually the updo attracts attention on the face and makes the bride look like a princess. This is a perfect look for the woman with short hair and a medium height. The style sis also followed by many of the renowned film actresses with short hairs.

Intricate Updo

Rolled Updo:
For a divine and natural look together, you can twist your hairs and roll them to get the look. The larger parts of your short hair will be rolled and twisted aside on the head. But before rolling the hair, pump it a bit and attach with pins. The look will be charming.

Rolled Updo

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