Synopsis & Plot Summary of Guddu Rangeela (2015):

The movie is centered in the dusty meadow of North India. Guddu Rangeela is descriptions regarding two cousins who are attempting to put ends by meeting in the crime displeased surroundings. In day time Orchestra are singers and they work as informants at night, achieving idly pay offs from the news given to local gangsters regarding the richest families living in town, has bring them by an convenient and safe way to survive without making their hands messy in the negotiation. Though they are cousins by blood, both of them are too much enemy to each other. The love and loathe liaison of the two emits to be noticed through the many destructively funny states that they are corresponded with and their instantaneous systems of protecting their skin each time. After being suffered a tragic past life at the hands of the gang leader who turned into politician Billo; the opponent of the story; both are prudently engaged in an old legal fight with the duration of 10 years against him through Gupta, who is an honest lawyer combating on their behalf.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Guddu Rangeela (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Guddu Rangeela is an upcoming Indian comedy film. The movie is directed by Subhash Kapoor. It stars Arshad Warsi, Amit Sadh and Ronit Roy in leading roles. The film is presented by Fox Star Studios and it was produced by Sangeeta Ahir.

The movie focuses on Guddu (Amit) and Rangeela (Arshad): two tiny culprits who end up plotting the kidnap of Baby (Aditi). Guddu and Rangeela conduct a orchestra party in a small-town while they act as informants at night for local gangs. While younger dountless Guddu is unable to keep his hands off women, Rangeela is still combating in a fruitless court case to take revenge of the murder of his wife Babli years back who is killed in the hands of local political leader Billu Pahalwan. They start a road journey which turns into a cat-and-mouse chase between the political power, police force and a budding description of prohibited young love on the race.

Like money, women are also Guddu’s venom who is time and again noticed shaking and spontaneously pulling off one night stands. On the other hand, Rangeela has not shifted to from the buskin that depleted his only love named Babli few years ago.

Rangeela’s main purpose is all-time to downfall his nemesis Billo, thus Defeating the injustice and brutality that revealed years back. Lucky enough, one such scope comes knocking, which he instantly snags and in the system discovers himself face to face of the sloppy and tyrannical Billo. What imitates is a disorganized story of rescue and pay back. A goal, a plan, an abduction and a to and fro story of triumph and downfall leading up to a dramatic climax

While the modern and emotional Guddu desires to grow out of their hand to mouth in the way of life by performing the loot themselves, the relatively self-righteous and experienced Rangeela neglects the idea of ascending onto the dark side of the laws of the city.

The leading characters of the movie are Arshad Warsi as Rangeela, Amit Sadh as Guddu, Ronit Roy as Billu Pahalwan, Aditi Rao Hydari as Baby, Sandeep Goyat as Chottey.

The movie is scheduled to be released on 3 July, 2015.

Guddu Rangeela (2015) Movie Details:

Initial release: July 3, 2015
Directors: Subhash Kapoor, Ishita Dave
Music composed by: Amit Trivedi
Production company: Fox Star Studios
Genres: Bollywood, Comedy


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