Synopsis & Plot Summary of Great Grand Masti (2016):

Great Grand Masti is the upcoming adult comedy movie of Bollywood. The movie plot is still unknown for some mysterious reasons. The movie makers did not release any movie plot or storyline yet and they might be planning to have some blasts after the movie release. The movie makers are on the view that if the movie plot or story is released before the movie, it becomes difficult for the audiences to keep patience to enjoy the movie or they lose interest over it. They lose interest for the movie as they do not want to wait any more when they come to know about the movie plot. So, the movie makers do not want to make their audiences uninterested to the movie. Thereby, the movie makers have not released the movie plot. But sources from different corners smell that the movie will be a comedy in association of some adult element. Though comedy movies are made frequently in Bollywood, the number of adult comedy movie is less than it was expected to be. So, when the movie makers make the comedy movies, they do not add some adult elements. Rater, when the movie makers make some adult movies, they add the layer of comedy to make it more attractive.

Bollywood Hindi Comedy Film Great Grand Masti (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Usually there are different movie genres and there are also different types of audiences who are after the movies. But not all the types of audiences are suitable for every movie. They pick their own movies. But some of the movies have appeal to everyone. Comedy genres is such a thing that is able to attract all types of audiences and the movie makers try to make movies more comic than usual to grab attention of the people. But sometimes they cannot make the movies as they wanted before making the movie as they do not have any strong plot. So, they try to make people laugh with some external and artificial ways. As a result, the movies get mass rejection from different quarters. Once the movie genre was popular to all but after the release it appears that the movie has failed to get the desired attention from the people.

Thereby, the movie makers are highly attentive on the movie making issues and they do not start their project when they find something uninteresting for the audiences. Before making a project the movie makers undergo with different types of experiments with the movies so that the movie becomes successful. Sometimes they hire professional movie writers to make a unique plot for them. Besides, often the movie makers take the responsibility on their shoulder to make the movie plot by themselves. But when the movies are composed by the professional movie writers, the movie makers try to revise the movie plot in some cases so that the movie could be more attractive.

Great Grand Masti (2016)

Regarding the comedy movies, the movie makers do not want to take any risk over the movie plot. When the movie plot is composed, the movie makers revise the movie plot and add the necessary or remove the unnecessary things. The same thing has happened for the movie – Great Grand Masti. This is the third installment of the series and expected that it will be filled with enjoyment for the audiences. The movie will make the audiences laugh with the double meaning statements. One of the benefits of the adult movies is that the double meaning dialogues. When the audiences will hear the dialogues first, they will laugh but once they comprehend the inner meaning, they will burst into laughter.

The former installments of the movie were named as – Masti and Grand Masti and the current movie is also known as Masti 3. The movie makes have decided to make the third installment as the former two installments were of great success. Thereby, the movie makers have started the project though they had to wait longer for the schedule of the artists. The movie makers have recruited the same artists to reprise their respective roles on the movie as they did in the two other episodes. Now it is the time for them to rock the box offices with their special performance in this new installment. 

The movie is set to be released on July 22 in 2016.

Great Grand Masti (2016) Hindi Movie Details:

Initial release: July 22, 2016
Director: Indra Kumar
Music composed by: Anand Raj Anand
Story by: Indra Kumar
Production companies: Mehboob Studio, Balaji Motion Pictures


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