Synopsis & Plot Summary of Ghayal Once Again (2016):

When you are following truth, you are to suffer from different perspective. For this you may have to sacrifice your life as well. But there are some people who never give up revealing or exposing the truths and facts that are beneficial for the mankind or for the society. Ghayal Once Again is the upcoming Bollywood movie based on action drama genre and deals with such an attractive plot. The movie is about fight of a journalist with crimes and exposing the criminals to the society through his newspaper. But he has to experience different troubles severe in manner and velocity regarding the exposure. He had to land in jail earlier for his bravery as he was victimized by the criminals. Now when he is out of the jail, he is after the crimes and four of his fellow fans fall in danger accidentally when they record a murder where several influential people were involved. Now it is his turn to save the fans and reveal the murdered so that they could be brought under justice.

Bollywood Film – Ghayal Once Again (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Basically, Bollywood is famous for producing action and drama movies, and when the two are combined together, another interesting genre is produced which becomes more enjoyable by the audience. Thereby, the movie makers of Bollywood have started making the plots with the combination of action and drama. As a result, a large number of movies of the genre have been made and some of them have turned blockbuster as well while some of the movies failed to bring the desired result for weak plot and poor making.

But it is anticipated that Ghayal Once Again will rock the Bollywood for its outstanding plot and movie making. To coordinate the action sequences, the movie makers have hired external experts to bring perfection. Besides, the movie plot has been redefined and twists are waiting to thrill the audience. So, after the release, the movie will be a big hit for its splendid plot and action sequences. Moreover, the movie is a sequel of its earlier installment – Ghayal that was made in 1990 and also was a super hit then. This is the other cause behind the much expectation over the movie.

The plot centers round the events of Ajay Mehra. He just has been released from his life imprisonment which he was sent by the plot of the criminals for his search of truth. In the current installment he will be seen released from the jail and will start his journalism career. He has some fans and followers who admire him most for his outstanding courage and honesty. They follow his as their icon and also want to be a man like him. But the trouble occurs when the accidentally records a murder scene where two of the influential people of the city were involved.

Ghayal Once Again (2016)

The twist of the movie begins here. Now it is Mehra’s responsibility to save the fans who captured the murder scene. The people who were involved into the murder are highly influential in the town and they are the controller of the law. The law enforcers do not disobey their orders and when they will be accused of a murder, the law enforcers will react negatively with the plaintiffs. So, it is a trouble for them to go to the law enforcers and thus they inform the issue to Mehra.

Ajay Mehra has links with the influential people of the town as well but none of them will help him in this issue. Now, he is alone and has to protect the younger people. So, he is to fight back with the villains. The movie will be released on January 15 in 2016.

Ghayal Once Again (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: November 13, 2015
Directors: Sunny Deol, Rahul Rawail
Prequel: Ghayal
Producer: Dharmendra
Music composed by: Himesh Reshammiya


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