Synopsis & Plot Summary of Fever (2016 Film):

Generally the movie makers of Bollywood are always in some sort of troubles with their movies. The first thing is that they do not get any important and attractive movie plot to make their movies. It appears that the movie makers of India have made movies based on the all available plot. The second problem is that most of the times the movie plots are stolen and a mess is created in the industry which is always hidden from the common people. Negotiations are done to get the plots back. Thereby, the movie makers of Bollywood do not reveal their movie plots until the movie is released. The same thing happened with the movie – Fever. It is supposed that the movie belongs to thriller genre and the movie makers have invested their hard labour to make the movie a grand one. The movie makers of Fever have not revealed the movie plot officially yet. But sources from different sides have reported that the movie plot is about a man who leads a solo life. He does everything solo and loves to remain alone as well. He was out of his memory and one day he gets back the memory. Then he starts seeking the cause behind his memory loss and punishes the culprits who were after his memory loss. The movie has been made with great care and it is expected that Fever will rock the Indian box office after it is released.

Bollywood Movie Fever (2016 Film) Review & Storyline:

Making a movie of course is a daunting task. There are a good number of issues are related with the movie. The movie makers are to take different risks like they are to invest a lot, they need to take preparations for the filming, they need to select the filming locations, they have to select the cast and crew and so many other things together. Besides, there are different threats as well. If the movie plot is stolen, the movie makers are to suffer huge amount of financial losses as that will make the movie a flop one. Besides, selecting the cast is also a highly important issue. The movie makers are to think over the characters of the plot and accordingly pick the casts so that they could portray the characters perfectly. Unless the casts are able to portray the characters perfectly, the movie makers keep the selection process on. Casting for Fever also underwent some such processes.

There is a trend in Bollywood that some of the unscrupulous movie makers are always in search of movie plots. If they could manage a movie plot by illegal ways, they claim the plot to be theirs which lead to a massive internal disorder. The future of the movie turns weak and the movie makers are to negotiate with the plot hijackers to get back the plots. So, the movie makers of Fever have not taken any risk like that. They have maintained strict silence about the plot for the movie – Fever. The movie trailer released on youtube also does not reveal something special that could help the plot hijackers to get the plot. Thereby, it is expected that the movie makers will have a great success as they were able to keep the plot hidden to surprise the audience.

Fever (2016 Film)

However, some of the sources have hinted that the movie – Fever will be a suspense thriller. Usually the suspense thrillers are made to make the people thrilled and they start guessing about the finishing of the movie. But finally their thoughts are proved wrong and the end of the movie is done in a different manner. So, the audiences get pleasure after watching the movie and they believe that this was one of the most interesting movies they have ever watched and this is true for all of the movies. The movies are made in a unique manner that there are no similarities with the other movies and the movie makers try to entertain the audience with their best efforts.

The movie plot of the movie – Fever is about a mysterious man. Nobody knows any concrete information about him. He is always seen leading a lonely life. No friend or woman is found with him. He always moves alone. It is suspected that he has lost his memory. In fact the idea about his memory loss is true. But one day he gets back the memory and recalls all the events that took place with him. So, he now wants to take revenge against the perpetrators. His mission of revenge begins. But unfortunately he discovers that the woman he loved has made the plan and accordingly tried to kill him for some unknown reasons.

The movie –Fever is directed and written by Rajeev Jhaveri while it has been produced by Ajay Chabbria. Filming for the movie was done in Switzerland and it is set to be released on July 22 in 2016.

Fever (2016 Film) Movie Details:

Initial release: July 22 in 2016.
Director: Rajeev Jhaveri
Screenplay: Rajeev Jhaveri
Producers: Mahesh Balekundri , Ravi Agrawal


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