Synopsis & Plot Summary of Fantastic Four (2015):

Superhero films have added a fresh dimension in Hollywood for the splendid plot and film making process. Moreover, the plots of the superhero movies are usually based on some attractive fictional events that attract the audience most. Fantastic Four is the upcoming Hollywood superhero movie that is based on the comics of the same name published by Marvel Comics. Fantastic Four is longest running team of the comic series and narrates the events of four young people who are changed surprisingly after they are returned to the earth. But one of them turned into a villain who wants to destroy everything using the power and the remaining four are against him.

Synopsis & Storyline / Plot Summary of Fantastic Four (2015):

Usually the Hollywood superhero movies have a different appeal to all sorts of audience. It mostly happens for the awesome film making with ultra modern technology and visual effects. The special effects make the audience believe that the super heroes are alive and they are living with us in disguise.

The idea of making superhero films was introduced from the series of Marvel Comics. In this series, there are some superheroes who want to save the planet from all forms of evil and they fight hard with the evil doers and bring out the victory. As a result, the global people live happily and without any concern of losing anything. But to protect the human, the superheroes have to undergo lots of mental and physical pressures which is almost unbearable (only on the screen as there are no superheroes available in the planet).

Fantastic Four is the superhero movie that deals with the issues of five young and energetic people of whom one turns into an evil. They were sent to an outer space and when brought back, they had massive physical changes and made the superheroes. But one of them starts abusing his ability against the mankind. Therefore, the clash between the good and evil begins.

The Fantastic Four is the third installment of the series and is written in this form – Fant4stic. Ideas to make the film were developed in August of 2009 by 20th Century Fox and also this is the reboot of the Fantastic Four series. The movie is also considered as a science adventure as most of the events and physical changes that they young people undergo are scientifically modified.

The current installment is highly grateful to its former releases as most of the ideas have been adopted from the earlier series and also the original comic of the same name. Basically the inspiration of the movie was renewed as the superhero movies are turning a bit of comedy instead of action and adventure and the plot is written accordingly to amuse the audience.

The script for the movie was done by January of 2014 and casting began in the same month. The budget for the Fantastic Four was 122 million US dollars and the filming began in May of 2014. The filming took place in different parts of Louisiana although primarily it was set to be held in Canada. The filming continued for 72 continuous days and the movie will be released on August 7 in theatres.

Fantastic Four (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: August 7, 2015 (USA)
Director: Josh Trank
Film series: Fantastic Four film series
Music composed by: Philip Glass, Marco Beltrami
Screenplay: Josh Trank, Simon Kinberg, Jeremy Slater


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