Synopsis & Plot Summary of Fan (2016):

Fan is the upcoming Bollywood thriller movie. The movie plot is all about a fan. The fan has some similarity with a superstar and wants to be like him. But in line with the conflicts that arises between the fan and the superstar leads to a massive destruction. Earlier, people used to run after the superstars but here the scenario has been changed to its greatest possible extent. The superstar, Aryan Khanna (played by Shah Rukh Khan) has started chasing his fan. The aim is not taking autograph or photographs rather to stop the fan from making more damages of the superstar. The refusal to meet the fan made him (the fan, Gaurav) angry and he started doing evil activities. Since there were similarity between Gaurav and Aryan Khanna, the first one started performing evil things and the blame went upon to the superstar.

Bollywood Fan (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Bollywood makes different types of movies and thriller movies are considered as the best one after the action genre. The movies are made aiming to entertain the people. So, the movie plots are chosen after lots of searching and analysis. This is the greatest cause behind the success of every Bollywood movie. Moreover, movie making also has many things to do with the success. When a movie is made poorly, definitely the audience will reject the movie and consequently it will be a failure. But when the Bollywood superstar like Shah Rukh Khan, is on any movie, the movie is made with care.

Moreover, performance of the movie artists is also a great factor and playing a dual role in any movie is truly difficult. But some of the movies are made with dual roles and it appears that the roles are lively. Usually for a dual role, duplicates are used and this is a troublesome task. Firstly the movie makers need to take shots of the leading role and then the supporting role, and finally they are to merge the characters in the movie which is difficult as well. Further, when the shots are taken, it takes time to bring the perfection in the shots. When you are to give shots for dual roles, it becomes difficult to make it perfect every time. So, the division of shots keeps the director busy always.

Fan (2016)

The plot of the current movie is outstanding. The story is about a superstar and one of his biggest fans. A superstar, Aryan Khanna, is flying high and owns millions of fans across the country. But he is unaware of his biggest fan. Gourav, his biggest fan wants to meet him. Gaurav has passed his childhood amid collecting posters and stickers of Aryan Khanna and when he grows up, he notices a great similarity between him and Aryan Khanna by face. Besides, he (Gaurav) always tries to imitate the hero and wants to be like him. As a result, all of his activities including education get derailed. So, when he gets chance to meet Aryan, he wants to spend some moments which is refused by Aryan. As a result, Gaurav becomes angry and starts doing unethical acts and the blames goes on to Aryan.

The movie has been filmed in different parts of the world including India, London and Croatia. This is the first movie that has been filmed at Madam Tussauds in London. It is expected that the movie will be one of the greatest hits of the year for the outstanding performance of the cast. The dual role Shah Rukh Khan will make the audience amazed.

In the leading role of the superstar, Shah Rukh Khan looks a bit older while on the other hand, on the role of Gaurav, he appears to be younger or teenage. It has been done using special make ups and over all the performance of Shah Rukh Khan is adorable in both of the roles. He has perfectly depicted the roles and hope it will be the greatest gift for the audience.

Fan (2016), Movie Details:

Initial release: April 15, 2016 (India)
Director: Maneesh Sharma
Music composed by: Vishal–Shekhar, Andrea Guerra
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Maneesh Sharma
Written By: Habib Faisal
Runtime: 1 hr. 40 min.


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