Synopsis & Plot Summary of Dragonheart 3 (2015):

Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse is an action-adventure- fantasy and partly animated film. This is the third chapter of the Dragonheart sequel. He story is about an aspirant knight and a dragon and how they jointly defeated an evil sorcerer who was running an empire of terror. Rumored that comets contain perfect and precious gold, the lead actor – Gareth starts seeking the comet. He desired to collect some gold from the comet and use that for adopting a Knighthood. On his way of comet searching, he finds the dragon named – Drago. Drago fell on earth as it has an enmity with the evil Sorcerer who wants to take the dragon under his submission to be used in different purposes. The story moves on, Drago saves life of Gareth and that makes a strong bond of friendship and intimacy as well between them. Finally, being disturbed with the Sorcerer, the two friends decide to stop the evil activities of the Sorcerer. Their adventure begins. They travel different places and experience different events in the course of their actions to overthrow the Sorcerer. The real life adventures also teach lessons to Gareth that only wealth is not enough towards Knighthood, but a real Knight is able to stand alone in a bad weather and finally wins the bread.

Hollywood Film – Dragonheart 3 (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Dragonheart3: The Sorcerer’s Curse is a movie made with the joint efforts of three states – the USA, the UK and Romania. The movie is of limited length – 97 minutes which is a reasonable time to exhibit all the adventures. Renowned director, Colin Teague has directed the third part while the first and the second were directed by Rob Cohen and Dough Lefler respectively. The part is produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis who also produced the two other films too.

The current story is written by Matthew Feitshans with the touch of extra care for the events and adventures. Satrred by Julian Morris, Jassa Ahluwalia,Jonjo O’Neill,Jake Curran, Tamzin Merchant, with Dominic Mafham and Ben Kingsley, the third sequel of the Dragonheart has already created a hype in the box office.

The movie is set to be released on February 10 in 2015 on theatres and in February 24, it will hit the market again in different available formats like DVD, Bllu-Ray. The estimated budget of the film is still unknown.

Dragonheart 3: the Sorcerer’s Curse is a movie that you never want to miss for the extra ordinary plot and is enjoyable by viewers of all ages. Its run time is 97 minutes which may not invite boredom (it happens at times that people get bored of the adventures on movies) for the making, adventures and witty dialogues of the Gareth and Drago.

Gareth wanted to be a knight and did not have the wealth he needs to be a knight. Besides, it was not also revealed whether he owns the qualities and courage of a night. His meeting with Drago proves that actually Gareth was destined to be a Knight and all the struggles he and Drago underwent were helpful to prove his worth as knight.

All the Dragonheart movies and sequels are under the same banner – Universal Studios Home Entertainment. The story is written by a stepson for her step mother for the first time and shooting of the film began in 2013. Majority of the filming locations are in Romania.

Dragonheart 3 (2015) Movie Details:

Initial release: February 10, 2015
Director: Colin Teague
Running time: 97 minutes
Screenplay: Matthew Feitshans
Music composed by: Mark McKenzie
Let’s wait how the film moves the box office.


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