Synopsis & Storyline of Dragon Blade (2015):

Dragon Blade is the upcoming Chinese action movie that is based on some historical events. The movie is about peace and love. It also tells the story of balance and power. It is about patriotism. The movie is truly a wonderful one with the participation of international cast in a Chinese movie. The official story of the movie is about the battle for Silk Road. The East and the West had a large battle over the Silk Road while some other Chinese men tried to settle the dispute, protect their country and finally became victim of the politics. The battle took place among 36 ethnic nations in the region over the domination of different things including the Silk Road.

Hollywood Film – Dragon Blade (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Action movie is considered as the best genre in movies and is desired by most of the audience globally. Different types of plots are used to make the action movies, but the action movies are mostly admired either for the action choreographies or for the battles. Some of the movie makers make a blend of both the action indicators. They use both the battles and unarmed combats on their movies with the view to make it more attractive.

Plots of the action movie are also interesting and do not require much labor or intelligence to get into the movie. An audience can easily enter into the movie if s/ he watch it for less than five minutes. But in some cases you need your time to get into the movie and the Dragon Blade is one of them. The plot of the movie is interesting but the audiences have to be patient to get the complete taste of the movie and thus they will enjoy it.

In the earlier days, balance of power was the most important thing for survival. Nations were divided and attacked each other over trivia issues. So, the power balance was the most important factor to them. The kings used to be more cautious over the issue and thus managed everything, but when they failed, battles occurred.

Dragon Blade reveals a history when the Chinese had to fight back to the invaders over the domination of a road named – Silk Road. Romans attacked them with the claim to hand over the road to them while the Chinese soldiers fought back against the demand. An epic battle began between the two opponents.

But before the battle, the Chinese army tried to settle the issue in a friendly manner while the Romans refuted the appeal. They ordered the giant army to invade the localities. When the issue turned intolerable, the Chinese formed an alliance. Around thirty six nations participated in the epic battle.

Dragon Blade is written and directed by Daniel Lee. Filming for the Dragon Blade began in April of 2014 in China but the movie makers had to undergo different troubles including hostile natural climates during the filming in China for the first few days.

Dragon Blade stars Jackie Chan on the role of Huo An, with John Cusack on the role of Lucius, Adrien Brody as Tiberius, Lin Peng as Cold Moon, Mika Wang as Xiu Qing (Wife of Huo An), Choi Siwon as Yin Po, Xiao Yang as Captain, Wang Taili as Rat, Sammy Hung as Red Sun, Yoo Seung-jun as Cougar, Lorie Pester as a Parthian Queen, Vanness Wu as Christian, Karena Lam as Karena, Feng Shaofeng as General Huo Qubing (Han Chinese General), Sharni Vinson as Lady Crassus (The Parthian Queen), Jozef Waite as Publius (The Roman Prince), Philippe Joly as Decimus, James Lee Guy as Eugene and Harry Oram as General Statius on different other supporting roles.

The movie will be released on September 4 in 2015.

Dragon Blade (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: September 4, 2015 (USA)
Director: Daniel Lee
Running time: 2h 7m
Music composed by: Henry Lai
Screenplay: Daniel Lee


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