Synopsis & Plot Summary of Carol (2015):

Carol is the upcoming romantic drama movie. The movie is based on the novel – The Price of Salt. The movie – Carol is about the uneven love of a woman to another of her genre. Set in the background of 1950s, the events take place in New York. The movie is about love. The love of a younger woman towards another woman senior than her and married as well. The relationship in the beginning appears odd and unusual. But gradually the movie takes the shape of a romantic one. A clerk in a departmental store meets another woman who came into the store for her regular shopping. So, she gets familiar with the woman. Suddenly she discovers that she is in love with her and gradually the older lady comes to know about the fact. By the course of time, both of them fall in love with each other. They started dating each other for sometimes but unfortunately their dream of living together did not come true. Both the ladies got hurt emotionally for the tragedy in their life.

Hollywood Film – Carol (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Romantic movies are always entertained by the global audience and thus they are being made more based on some superb romantic plots. Moreover, a trend is going on now where two different genres are attached together to make the movie more attractive to the audience. So, the romantic movies are at times accompanied by action, comedy or drama genre. Usually the dramatic movies attract the audience most in comparison to the other genres though the genres like action or adventure has its own audience groups around the globe. Thus, the movie makers are attaching different genres together after analyzing the potentiality of success in terms of financial return and positive criticisms.

To make the movies unique and attractive, they are picking up or making plots by investing enough time and labor. Sometimes, they are adopting the plots from books too if those are bestsellers. The current movie – Carol is also a novel adaptation originally titled – The Price of Salt. The movie belongs to romantic drama genre. It is about love, the love that failed to turn out a success. It shows the passion of a lover to her beloved ones of the similar gender. Despite being an unconventional love, the couple made to create a bonding between them.

 The movie is set on the background of New York in 1950s. It is about the love of a young woman. She is a departmental store clerk by her profession. In her regular activities, she becomes familiar with another married woman who is also senior to her. She falls for her. Though the issue is unusual for a woman to fall for another woman and that was the period of the 1950s, she succeeded to send her message to her beloved lady. The beloved lady of the clerk did not refuse her but also did not accept the love towards her as granted.

As she was senior and a married woman, she had some restrictions and she could not do whatever she wanted. It shows the maturity of the woman and her silence about the proposal was also the sign of her intelligence as if the nodded on the proposal she would have done the greatest mistake of her life. The society would have never allowed the unconventional love rather both the women would be insulted severely and boycotted from the society. So, it turns a tragedy for the 20 year old departmental store clerk.

Carol stars Cate Blanchett on the role of Carol Aird, with Rooney Mara as Therese Belivet, Sarah Paulson as Abby Gerhard, Kyle Chandler as Harge Aird, Jake Lacy as Richard, Cory Michael Smith as Tommy, John Magaro as Dannie and Carrie Brownstein as Genevieve Cantrell among others.

Carol (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: November 20, 2015 (USA)
Director: Todd Haynes
Adapted from: The Price of Salt
Screenplay: Phyllis Nagy
Executive producers: Cate Blanchett, Andrew Upton, Dorothy Berwin, Danny Perkins, Rose Garnett, Thorsten Schumacher


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