Synopsis & Plot Summary of Captive (2015):

When people live single with their kids, they are to undergo different sufferings and troubles. It mostly happens as they live alone. Thus the troublemakers make them their target easily. But in some cases, there are few benefits as well of the troubles if you can handle it properly. Captive is a fact-based thriller movie that has a plot where a single mother falls in trouble for her loneliness. The mother is a drug addict and trying to give up the habit so that she could lead a normal life and thus she is participating is anti-drug sessions. In the mean time she is made as hostage at her own residence by an accused rapist, fugitive and murderer. The man broke out of jail and killed the judge who was responsible to deal with his case. But gradually it appears that both of them have saved their lives.

Hollywood Film – Captive (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

True stories are heart touching. They do not have artificial plots or exaggeration of dialogues. Rather the events are fine tuned automatically and thus turn appealing to the audience. So, when movies are made with true stories, they usually turn box office hit regardless the region or locality. But some issues need to be changed to get adjusted with the other line ups of the movie for a smooth finishing. Sometimes the scriptwriters bring some other changes too if they want to change the course of action than it happened in the real life.

Besides, making movies with true stories have some other benefits and one of the most important things is selecting the locations and cast. When the film director goes through the events, he considers by himself about whom he will cast in the lead character and where he will take the shots for the filming. In other cases, the director(s) has to think about the casting and filming locations in separate manner and appoints crews to select either the location or the cast. Additionally, the script of the movie does not need much tweaking.

Captive is the upcoming Hollywood crime drama thriller movie and the story is based on a real life event of a woman and a convict. The woman, Ashley Smith, is leading a single life with her kid and also a drug addict. So, she is attending anti-drug sessions to get rid of her addiction. She regularly attends on her sessions and participates on all the activities.

On the other hand, Brian Nicholas is a convict from the local court with several charges. He is pressed with charges like rape, murder and finally he breaks out of jail. When he breaks out, he kills the judge. The judge was assigned with dealing the case of Brian Nicholas. Then he flew away and reached at the house of Ashley Smith. Brian Nicholas did not get into the house intentionally rather it was a random selection.

When he entered into the house, he makes Ashley as his hostage. But he had no idea that he was captivating a drug addict woman who is single and trying to get rid of her bad habit. So, when he makes her hostage, he gets familiar with different issues that were not known to him before. On the other side, Ashley had no other way rather than agreeing with Brian Nicholas. So, she started reading a bestselling book that was issued to her earlier from her anti-drug session class. She found something extraordinary on the book and applied the earned knowledge to get rid of the troublesome situations created by Brian Nicholas. Finally it appeared that both of them have saved each other.

Captive stars David Oyelowo on the role of Brian Nichols, with Kate Mara as Ashley Smith, Michael K. Williams as Detective John Chestnut, Leonor Varela as Detective Sanchez, Jessica Oyelowo, Mimi Rogers as Kim Rogers among others.

Captive (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: September 17, 2015 (Germany)
Director: Jerry Jameson
Running time: 1h 37m
Music composed by: Lorne Balfe
Screenplay: Brian Bird


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