Synopsis & Plot Summary of Brooklyn (2015):

Brooklyn is a historical drama movie based on the touchy events of migrations of a young lady, Eilis Lacey from Ireland to Brooklyn in the USA. The movie tells about the historical events of the 1950s when people used to migrate in the United States of America for a better life. They had hopes and dreams in their eyes during the migration but in reality few of them could achieve the long desired success. They dreamt of living a lavish life in the cities of the US and thus left their homelands. But different practical events and issues changed the course of their lives. The movie – Brooklyn is about such a story where Eilis left her home in Ireland for New York. After reaching at the promising land, she discovered that this is not the thing she had been longing for. She fell in love and started her new life. But her past events were after her and now she is to choose any of the one between Ireland and Brooklyn.

Hollywood Film – Brooklyn (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Humans are always searching after happiness and for that they are travelling to the farthest corner of the world. The search for happiness is unending. Unfortunately, they cannot be happy with what they have. So, they are always is search and runs from place to places to discover happiness. Each of their attempts turns into failures. If they were contented with what they have then they would not need to search the happiness out of home. But they are unhappy with the current situation. The theme is a philosophical one and in the past many of the movies have been made. But the current one named Brooklyn is considered as one of the notable one among the movies made over the issues till the current date.

The movie – Brooklyn deals with the issue of migration. The background of the movie is set on the 1950s. That was the age when migrations were a common term and issue as well to the global people. The people used to migrate in comparatively developed countries to make their futures better. As a result, they had to lose their native lands. Sometimes, they also cut the links with their relations on their motherlands so that they could shine in the foreign land without any back trace. Some of them succeeded in performing so while many others turned into losers.

Brooklyn is about the young lady – Eilis Lacey. She used to live with her mother in Ireland. But with the advancement of the age, she planned for migration in the New York. She dreamt of a lavish and luxurious life in the city and a decent works for living there. All her hopes were based on the USA. So, she left Ireland for the USA. She left her mother alone in Ireland where she was comfortable enough to pass her life. But she dreamt bigger. Her dreams brought her to the shore of New York. She started her second life.

She realized how homesick she was and tried to befit with the altered situations. She had numerous experiences, good and bad and finally she was feeling a romantic mood and fell in love. But her past was always with her. The past events of her life started appearing on her mind. So, she is to pick anyone of the countries. Either she could go back to her roots in Ireland or she could be permanent resident in the USA. So, there appears a mental complexity inside her.

The movie stars Saoirse Ronan as Eilis Lacey, with Emory Cohen as Antonio “Tony” Fiorello, Domhnall Gleeson as Jim Farrell, Jim Broadbent as Father Flood, Julie Walters as Madge Kehoe, Brid Brennan as Miss Kelly, Jane Brennan as Mrs. Lacey, Fiona Glascott as Rose Lacey, Emily Bett Rickards as Patty McGuire, Jenn Murray as Dolores Grace, Eve Macklin as Diana Montini, Mary O’Driscoll as Miss McAdam, Nora-Jane Noone as Sheila, Michael Zegen as Maurizio Fiorello, Paulino Nunes as Mr. Fiorello, and Gerard Murphy as Daddy Lacey among others.

Brooklyn (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: November 4, 2015 (USA)
Director: John Crowley
Screenplay: Nick Hornby
Story by: Colm Tóibín, Nick Hornby
Producers: Finola Dwyer, Amanda Posey


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