Children are the futures of a nation. Even they are the divine blessing to their parents. So, they should be taken proper care of. Although most of the parents take care of their kids, they do not know what exactly to do for them. Undoubtedly, parents are the best friend and well wisher of the kids and are willing to even sacrifice their lives too for the betterment of their children.

But most of the time the care they take for the kids appear inappropriate and useless in some cases. They lack the knowledge how to take care for the kids. They believe that only providing them pricy foods are the best way to care for them. But truly this is a misconception. Regarding the food selection, parents prefer the pricy foods with the idea that those foods are the good one. Wrong idea.

Foods sold at a higher price are not good enough for health and most of the times do not contain the required nutritional value for the kids. The foods should be delicious and by the same time should contain balanced nutritional values for their physical and mental growth. So, the foods should be selected carefully. Here are the lists of some foods that are essential for the mental growth of the children.

Oatmeal is the grain containing different nutrients and the most important thing is that this is a fiber-rich grain. It helps to keep them fit and healthy and also helpful to remove constipation. So, you can pick the oatmeal for your kids and allow them to eat it at least once in a day, preferably in breakfast.

Fishes are the gifts of natures. They are filled in minerals, vitamins and omega 3. The nutrients in fish help to increase the memory. If your kids lack the omega 3 fatty acids, it may happen that they will have some mental disorders. So, increase the intake of such nutrients and feeding them fish is the best way to solve the issue.

Almonds are naturally filled with different vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and other organic chemicals helpful to boost up the memory. So, provide them the almonds and other nuts too to increase their memory. Try to make it a habit for them to take almonds every day whenever they have chances.

Seasonal Fruits:
Usually seasonal fruits contain different vitamins and antioxidants which are very much helpful for the human brain and health as well. There are some other fruits too that are available round the year and filled with natural substances like irons. So, you can provide them seasonal fruits and round-the year available fruits like apple, banana etc. These fruits are helpful for boosting the brain.

Experts are on the view that kids can do things smartly if they have foods enriched with calcium and magnesium. They are also turn quick learners. Yogurts contain both the elements. So, if you want your kid to grow smartly, provide them a cup of yogurt every day.

Eggs are essential food items for the kids for the nutritive values. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, some other substances to help boosting the memory. So, it is a good idea to serve them with an egg every day at their breakfast.

Berries are rich in natural antioxidants and helps protecting the brain. As a result, the brain remains healthy and memory is boosted naturally. So, allow your kids to have berries at any time of the day and possibly store blueberries or strawberries at your home after their needs.

Tomatoes in Plenty:
Tomatoes are the sources of lycopene- an antioxidant to prevent brain cell damages. It is also helpful in Alzheimer’s prevention. So, you can add tomatoes for your kids on their food menu every day to keep their memories sharp.

Vegetable Oils:
Vegetable oils are the greatest sources of antioxidants. Using the oils on preparing foods helps to prevent heart damage and by the same time increases the brain’s activities. So, you can start using vegetable oils on cooking your foods for our kids.

Dark Chocolates:
Kids are fond of chocolates and if they are provided the dark chocolates, it would be more helpful for them. Usually the dark chocolates contain ingredients to develop blood circulation which is an essential factor for memory improvement. So, allow them dark chocolates for their improved memory.