Synopsis & Plot Summary of Black Mass (2015):

Biographical thriller movie Black Mass is of great importance to the audience who want a thrilling suspense in every seconds of the screening. Such movies are of great surprise to the viewers. Black Mass is likely to offer the same suspense to its prospective audience with the true story of John Conoly and Whitey Bulger who grew up on the South Boston streets in their childhood. When grew up one of them turned a law enforcer (John Conoly) and the other one (Whitey Bulgar) as a gangster of the underworld. Both of them meet each other in the mid of 1970s and the earlier one took assistance from the later one over different underground issues as he was one of the influential figures of Boston FBI. Whitey Bulger being the informant of FBI helped the agency to take down an Italian Mafia family who were engaged in dirty deals, and consequently the event of hunting the Mafia family down created the biggest informant scandal in the history of Boston FBI.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Black Mass (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Black Mass is the crime thriller based on a true story of Boston in the USA. The story line narrates that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI – the top intelligence agency of the USA government) had to experience an extreme criticism for an informant scandal in its history that it used to hunt an Italian Mafia family.

The story revolves around the events of two brothers – John Connoly and Whitey Bulger who grew up together in South Boston. John Connoly turned into an influential figure in Boston branch of FBI, and on the other side, Whitey Bulger becomes a godfather of underworld. To protect Whitey Bulger from different occurrences, a dirty deal was completed between the FBI and Whitey Bulger. Whitey Bulger supplied secret information over different underground issues to the FBI in exchange of his protection. Consequently, the FBI used him to hunt down an Italian Mafia family who ran drug business and other wrongdoings.

But the way FBI adopted was unusual in terms of ethics for a law enforcing agency. Consequently, spirals were out of control, murders and anarchy increased in Boston that made Whitey Bulger as a top wanted criminal in the list of FBI. It took nearly two decades for the FBI to capture Whitey Bulger in 2011.

The crime thriller Black Mass is based on the best-seller book Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill in 2001. Screenplay for the movie is composed mutually by Scott Cooper and mark Mallouk. The breathtaking screenplay is able to stop viewers’ breath for the thrilling events on the movie.

Black Mass is loaded with Hollywood superstars including Johnny Depp on the lead role as Whitey Bulger, Benedict Cumberbatch as William “Billy” Bulger, Kevin Bacon as Charles McGuire, Joel Edgerton in the role of John Connolly, Julianne Nicholson as Marianne Connolly, W. Earl Brown as Johnny Martorano, James Russo as Scott Garriola, Adam Scott as Robert Fitzpatrick, Jeremy Strong as Josh Bond, Brad Carter as John McIntyre, Jesse Plemons as Kevin Weeks, Sienna Miller as Catherine Greig, Dakota Johnson as Lindsey Cyr, with David Harbour as John Morris, Rory Cochrane as Steve Flemmi, Juno Temple as Deborah Hussey, Corey Stoll as Fred Wyshak, Peter Sarsgaard as Brian Halloran, and Erica McDermott as Mary Bulger.

Filming for the Black Mass began in May 19 in 2014 in Boston and was completed on the first day of August in the same year. The film is set to be released on September 18 in 2015.

Black Mass, 2015 Movie Details:

Initial release: September 18, 2015 (USA)
Director: Scott Cooper
Editor: David Rosenbloom
Production companies: Infinitum Nihil, Cross Creek Pictures
Genres: Crime Fiction, Drama, Action Film


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