Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the upcoming Bollywood action comedy movie that is all set to be released in the upcoming Eid. This is the production of Salman Khan – the most popular Bollywood superstar and he has also played the key role in the movie. Salman will be seen playing the role of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in the movie with the same name.

It will be seen that he is a young man with a soft heart. He tries his best to send back a little girl who was found beside the Indian border. As the girl cannot speak, her whereabouts were unknown to Bajrangi and suddenly one day he discovered that she is a Pakistani girl who was deserted somehow in the Indian Territory.

The artists of the movie have given their best shots for the perfection of the movie. The most important fact is that the cast in the movie are selective and they have added themselves in the movie for the splendid plot. Therefore, it is anticipated that the Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be success in the upcoming Eid.

Moreover, the movie will get a big release in India and will run for 15 continuous days at the theatre halls of India. Even before the release of the movie, it has created much speculation and hype among the audience by its official trailer and publicity. Usually in recent times, movies made or played by Salman Khan rock the box office and he releases all of his movies before the Eid so that the audience could enjoy the movie with their family and friends.

So, to keep the legacy of success, Salman is determined for a big release of the movie. It will be helpful for Salman to rock the box office and by the same time will generate big revenue for him too.