Hair conditioner takes care of texture of hair and also nourishes them. It makes your hair soft, silky and strengthens health of your hair. Hair conditioner is must to recover your damaged and dull hair. Different kinds of nutrients such as vitamin, zinc, sulfur, fatty acids etc work as repairing tool and you get them all in a pack of conditioner.

  • Conditioner provides different kinds of nutrients which repair your damaged hair.
  • It makes your hair healthy providing essential nourishment.
  • It prevents your hair from being damaged.
  • Conditioner makes your hair shiny, soft, silky and strong.
  • It moistures your hair and reduces the dryness.

There are several types of conditioner available in market, such as Pack conditioner, Leave-in conditioner, Ordinary conditioner & Hold conditioner. You can use one of them based on texture of your hair. But quality must be maintained. Conditioner is very common to all but some information about it is not common. Let’s see some secrets of your conditioner.

Secrets of Your Conditioner

Protect Your Scalp:
During the winter hair gets dry naturally and daily shampooing makes your hair drier. A deep conditioning may protect your scalp and hair. A deep conditioning directly to scalp twice a month can remove dry flakes, reduce dryness and makes your hair smooth and healthy.

Nourish your Follicles:
Deep conditioning helps to keep hair follicles healthy. Follicles produce hair. Conditioner makes scalp hydrate and nourishes the hair follicles.

Condition first then Shampoo:
What happen!!! No, it’s true. Recently scientific research shows that using conditioner before shampoo is more effective. It increases the volume of your hair. Conditioner never washed out properly. You can use conditioner at first, take 5 minutes and washed out and then a smooth wash with your shampoo. That sets. Enjoy an extra bounce of your hair that you ever get.

Choose a perfect Conditioner:
Be careful when choose a conditioner and it must be based on texture and nature of hair. Don’t rely on myth. If possible go to an expert. Volumizing conditioner is suitable for thin hair. Pick an oil free conditioner for oily hair.

Root Must not be Conditioned:
You should not start from the root while conditioning, rather you should start from the ends and keep it till mid-length. You should stand up for 5 minutes after taking conditioner. Be careful, conditioner should not reach to your scalp.

Colored-hair? Need extra care:
If you color your hair, provide them an extra care. A deep and nourishing conditioner is more important. It may be a conditioner musk which longer your color and strengthen your hair’s cuticle.

Don’t Skip Conditioner:
Don’t avoid conditioner even you feel that your hair becomes drier due to using shampoo regularly. Conditioner makes your hair hydrate and protects hair from being drier.

All are not perfect for you:
Some conditioner based on silicon contains nutrients and makes your hair healthy, shiny and silky. But this silicon based conditioner may hamper to natural nourishment of your hair and hair may start to break down. If it is replace your conditioner with silicon free one just now.

Change your Conditioner:
Change your conditioner brand. Take another one and use it. Use it once or twice in a every two weeks. It may provide extra and other nutrients to your hair.

Moderately use of conditioner to your hair in a perfect way offers you to have a wonderful bounce of hair. Don’t use excessively and wash out properly. If you have really dull and damaged hair, go to an expert at first. Take a balanced diet and a regular exercise. Shampooing and conditioning your hair perfectly to make them play.

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