Both the males and females have eyebrows to make them look better and beautiful. The issue is more important for the females than the males as they are always trying to look them more beautiful. Usually the eyebrows make the eyes look better. Without the eyebrows, it appears that they eyes are incomplete. It increases their beauty. Even at times women compete with each other in terms of making them beautiful. Thus, they adopt different measures to decorate themselves.

Polishing the eyebrows is one of the most important ways of grooming for the fashion conscious women. Different styles of eyebrow can make different looks. They can make the look purely natural and even you can have some artificial looks too based on the way you are tweaking your brows. For perfectly beautiful eyebrows, you have to care for them properly.

The common idea about caring the eyebrows is plucking them to get the desired shape. But most of the women perform the act without having proper knowledge about plucking and as a result, they do not get the desired shape of their face. Besides, only plucking the eyebrows are not the solutions always to make them look better as the thickness of the eyebrows is not same for all the women. Again, many of the women have thin eyebrows too and that causes trouble for them.

Here are some tips to make your thin eyebrows look beautiful.

Stop Plucking Temporarily:
If you have thin eyebrows, you cannot give them proper shape by plucking only. So, you have to stop plucking the eyebrows and allow some times to grow them thicker. When the brows will be thicker, they will look beautiful and then you can pluck them if you need.

Conceal the Brows:
When you will not pluck the brows, they get longer in size or larger in thickness. Thus, the tiny brows can make you look a bit ugly. Do not worry about them. Conceal the brows using any concealer. Use branded concealer and make sure the color is matched with your complexion.

Try Castor Oil:
Castor oil helps to grow eyebrows. Woman with thin eyebrows can use castor oil. She needs to apply the oil before going for bed every night. Massage the oil properly on your brows. Regular use of castor oil helps growing new eyebrows on our eyelash.

Use Scrub:
Scrub is also essential for better eyebrows. At times, the dead cells on the eye brows impede on growing newer cells. Again, the dead cells sometimes do not allow the natural growth of the brows. So, you need to scrub the eyebrows. An old toothbrush will be best for the purpose. Get the toothbrush wet using clean water and then comb the eyebrows. It will work fine. The scrub will remove the dead cells and thus newer cells will grow by the same time.

Apply Eye Shadow:
Women with thin eyebrows are always in tension during their make ups. Many of them draw the brows using pencils. But women with thin eye brows do not look pretty if they draw line with pencils rather the brows look artificial. So, the best solution is to use dark colour eye shadows. Apply the eye shadow with brush on the entire eyebrows. They will get a gorgeous look.

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