Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the movie that will get a big release. The movie is also set to be released in Pakistan too in the upcoming Eid due to its popularity in the state in line with India.

The movie is about a man and a little girl who is lost from her home. The movie is about love, it is about action and by the same time there are some comedies to relief the tension of the audience. The lead role of the movie – Bajrangi Bhaijaan is played by Salman Khan. Bajrangi is young man with a true heart. He accidentally gets a little girl who cannot speak up.

As Bajrangi wants to return the girl to her family and home, he cannot find out the right way to learn about her homeland. But suddenly he discovers that the girl belongs to Pakistan. So, he at first adopts the legal ways to go Pakistan to return the girl and after failure of his legal attempts, he follows his own illegal rule. Numerous events occur during the illegal travel to Pakistan with the little girl.

It is reported that as there are some events related with Pakistan, the production of Salman Khan has decided to release the movie in Pakistani screens too so that the audience of the country may have a positive idea about Bollywood and its artists. The idea to release the movie in Pakistan has achieved positive criticism and admiration as well from the audience of the country, and the film distributors are on the view that it will certainly have a positive impact.

The movie will be released on the Eid day and there are no objections or any other legal complexities found from the authority, said some of the Pakistani film distributors. They have wished success for Bajrangi Bhaijaan.