Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) is the movie that has been made with the largest budget in the history of Indian movie since its inception. The movie is starred by Telugu superstar – Probhas (he is on a double role on the movie) with the other famous artists of South Indian film. It is reported that 250 crore Indian rupees have been used to make the movie and it is a record, particularly for the South Indian movies.

Usually the South Indian movies have a limited audience but Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) has been made using four languages so that audience across India could enjoy the movie. The languages are – Hindi (dubbed), Malayalam (dubbed), Tamil and Telugu.

The movie has been released on July 10 in 2015 and over 4000 screens have been used to release the movie in India and from July 11 it will be screened on around 200 USA screens. It took two years to film the entire movie, and filming began in 2013.

Due to massive popularity immediate after the release of the movie, the ticket price has been shockingly increased although it was supposed that there will be hike. But the hike is excessive – a ticket has been sold at 10,000 rupees in black market which is entirely unwanted.

Moreover, the youtube trailer that was shared on youtube on the end of June has been viewed by over four million viewers across the globe.

Filming for the movie was a costly issue as lots of crews were appointed to make the shots perfect. Besides, using of animals is another surprise to film the war scenes. Application of visual effects has also raised the movie to a higher level than the regular Indian movies. About 600 visual effect artists have made the visual effects for the movie.

The most highlighted issues of the movie are its songs and war scenes. The songs cover around 26 minutes and one of its war scenes is of 20 minutes.

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) has created a craze in India and some of the audiences have vandalized few theatre halls as they did not get the tickets. Legal measures have been taken against theatre owners for selling tickets at a higher price in black market.