Synopsis & Plot Summary of Avatar 2 (2017):

Avatar 2 is the upcoming Hollywood action adventure fantasy and epic science fiction film and the sequel of Avatar made in 2009. The current installment is about the relationship between Na’vi and the humans and the relation has interrupted the peaceful existence of the both. The earlier episode of the science fiction dealt about the explosion on Pandora and endangered humanoid species but nothing detail is known about the plot of Avatar 2, but it is reported that the current one about the internal links of the human and Na’vi’s and how that becomes interfered. Besides, two other sequels will also be made by the same time and three of the sequels will be released in December of 2016, 2017 and 2018 accordingly. The films will be set on the event of mid- 22nd century when all the natural resources will be finished one earth and humans have to outsource those from the adjacent habitable planets and moon. The twist occurs when the people and the humanoid species meet together that result in a negative situation causing massive damage for them.

Bollywood Hindi Film – Avatar 2 (2017) Movie Review & Storyline:

James Cameron is one of the greatest directors and producers in the history of Hollywood and each of his films are greeted with success on the global box office by being the highest-grossing films of all times. The film-maestro, James Cameron, pens the scripts, directs and produces the movies all by himself which is in fact almost impossible for a single individual to undertake. His science fiction Avatar is like a movie that gained skyrocketing popularity immediately after its release in 2009, and consequently James Cameron is on the decision to make a sequels of the movie with the same name in the title and number of sequels to recognize the position.

The Avatar 2 storyline represents an era of mid 22nd century when an energy crisis will appear as all the natural resources will be finished and humans are to depend on the resources brought form the habitable planets and moons in connection with some extraterrestrial species. The blue skinned genetically engineered Na’vi works for the human scientists and travels the biosphere of the desnily forested habitable moon. The development of the film series began in 1994 and could not be accomplished for the unavailability of the required technology at that time. The latest filming techniques have been used in the first part of Avatar series.

Making of Avatar 2 is almost similar to its previous episode and the story will center round the events of the humanoid and humans and might score another record for the series and James Cameron himself. The earlier one was premiered in 2009, first in London and a week later globally, and attained huge positive reviews for the film in terms of making, extraordinary plot, casts, budget and technology. During the run of the film, it broke few box office records and achieved nominations for Academy Awards in nine categories.

The idea to make sequels of the science fiction appeared after the success and accordingly agreements were made with the 20th Century Fox to produce the sequels. Since this is a gigantic task, James Cameron has collected few hands to help him breaking down the episodes and their plots and composing the scripts smoothly.

Critiques are on the view that Avatar 2 will not only be a sensational enjoyment, it is a technological breakthrough as well. It gives an anti-war message through the motion picture. The Avatar 2 is slated to be released in December 25, 2017 (USA).

Avatar 2, 2017 Movie Details:

Director: James Cameron
Produced by: Jason Statham, Steve Chasman
Edited by:
Writers: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang
Movie Type: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Music by: James Horner
Country: USA
Release Date: December 25, 2017 (USA)
Runtime: N/A
Filming Locations: New Zealand, USA
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, TSG Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment
Language: English
Budget: N/A


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