Synopsis & Storyline/Plot Summary of Aurora (2015):

The synopsis and the first trailer show us that this movie steps the way that quite a few science fiction films have imitated in the past: dystopia and calamity. This story, and the dark, mediating tone that visits with it, is nothing groundbreaking, nor is the more definite “machines have taken over the world” innuendo, but these have been performed perfectly in distinguished ways over the years. As this is only the first trailer, it is not convenient to describe whether or not Kouba has brought another successful repetition to life. We have to wait until more trailers have been disclosed to make the call.

Although the trailer was narrow, it’s convenient to narrate the visuals are charming enthusiastic, especially for a movie on a Kickstarter budget. This sector could be both good and bad. Good special consequences are certain to draw crowds, but for a movie with such a restricted budget, it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that things like casting and noting down may have inflicted for it. Again, it is just too soon to describe, so be on the lookout for more data if you are eager.

Hollywood Film – Aurora (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Aurora is a 2015 Swiss science fiction drama film. The film is directed by Robert Kouba. The movie stars Julian Schaffner and Jeannine Wacker.

In 2020 a super-computer that is named Kronos commits genocide against humanity. In 2080, Andrew departs a dystopian Earth handled by machines. He calls at a girl named Calia and they visit to a haven named Aurora.

It may be my chic as a gigantic science fiction fan, but this film has certainly caught our attention. It will be amusing to notice how this free, donation-funded project raises up against the big Hollywood studios productions.

For all its intentions to jeopardize audience discomfort by sinking the observer in the slow, offending buildup to the nominal event, Cristi Puiu’s justly admired 2005 film The Death of Mr. Lazarescu was carefully precise in the specifics of its descriptions and never less than fully explicit. With his follow-up, Aurora, who is a no less challenging plunge in the daily existence of a single character, Puiu knowingly courts a depressing obscurantism that sometimes plays like a malicious mystery and other times just diffident. If the film is finally too vague to gratify on the level of graspable descriptive or characterization, that may be transparently the point, but it still creates for a watching as tedious as it is rewarding.

Starring the director himself as the middle-aged Viorel, Aurora imitates the man over the duration of few days transferring to three hours of screen time since he pokes questionably around a permanent gray-skied Bucharest, connecting with a team of figures to whom his relationship is not wholly clear until the last scene, and incidentally, doing a pair of ferocious acts. As Puiu’s camera gets comfortable with his feature via an off-the-cuff naturalism that is an effect gained via shivering camerawork and a dependence on available light, the film documents several repeating methods in the feature’s behavior. Concealing between trucks in a semi parking lot, he investigates on the same family as they abandon their house every morning. Piercing around at night, he sidles up to a house, then rapidly dashes away, though not before coming back for a few last look. At home, at an apartment in the centre of being made up, its fluidity and degradation mirroring his mental condition, he puts off lights, pulls down shades, and is always on the lookout.

The leading characters of the film are Carmen Argenziano as Damien Walsh, Eileen Grubba as Veronica Davis, Julian Schaffner as Andrew Davis, Jeannine Wacker as Calia,Pavlo Bubryak as Cassiem.

The movie is scheduled to be released on 7 July 2015.

Aurora (2015), Movie Details:

Initial release: July 7, 2015
Director: Robert Kouba
Running time: 1h 47m
Genres: Science fiction film, Thriller, Romance Film


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